Mixed marriage on CSTAR: the sometimes tense relationship between Gérard Darmon and the director

“Mixed Marriage” airs tonight on CSTAR. The opportunity to come back to the often conflicting relationship between Gérard Darmon and the director Alexandre Arcady. *

Released in 2004, Mixed Marriage is the fifth film in which Alexandre Arcady directs his friend Gérard Darmon, after Le Grand pardon, Le Grand carnaval, Pour Sacha and Le Grand pardon II. In this comedy centered on the very cinematographic theme of diversity, the actor plays Max Zagury, a respected businessman who has always organized everything for his daughter. He now wishes to marry her, in accordance with Jewish tradition, with the son of his best friend. But she is in love with a man who is not Jewish …

The idea for the screenplay was born during a discussion between Alexandre Arcady and his screenwriter Daniel Saint-Hamont on Gérard Darmon. The two men talk about his performance in Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra by Alain Chabat, which they see as a parody of gangster films … They then develop the idea according to which the father in Mixed Marriage is a kind of Roger Hanin du Grand pardon, a feared man of power. Taking this as their starting point, they offer the role of Max Zagury to the actor, who agrees.

But Alexandre Arcady cannot find producers in France. He therefore called on the Portuguese Antonio da Cunha Telles, renowned for producing films at an attractive cost, then went to Portugal to start the shoots. At this moment, Gérard Darmon’s agent calls him to tell him that his client no longer wants to play in Mixed Marriage … Discouraged, the director contacts his long-time friend to tell him that he can’t make the feature film without him. Finally, the actor accepts.

After the shooting (which went well), Gérard Darmon suddenly cut ties with Alexandre Arcady … The reason for this choice remains unclear. However, the two men had several arguments, such as when the actor did not appreciate being absent from the poster of Grand Forgiveness II. Gérard Darmon is also renowned for his difficult character. Evidenced by his quarrel with Marc Esposito, director of the Heart of Men (he is replaced by Eric Elmosnino for the third opus).

Anyway, Alexandre Arcady decides, after the filming of Like the 5 fingers of the hand (2010), to send him a message saying: “Gérard, I just made a movie about my brothers, I don’t know why you got away from my life, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. I put this in a bottle and I throw it in the sea “. Gérard Darmon answers: “I was on my pedal boat and I saw this bottle, I opened it, I read, it touched me, I miss you too”. The two men then reconciled.

* Source: “7 rue du Lézard” by Alexandre Arcady, Grasset

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