Mission Impossible 7: who is the villain facing Tom Cruise in the trailer? – News…

A key character from the first part of Mission Impossible will be making a comeback in Dead Reckoning! Camped by Henry Czerny, he was seen in the trailer for this 7th episode.

“You’ve never seen me when I get mad before”chanted Tom Cruise in the first Impossible mission before throwing his explosive chewing gum on one of the giant aquariums of the restaurant in Prague in which he was!

This unexpected and startling ruse caused an express flood and this scene became one of the most significant of the signed film. Brian DePalma in 1996.


If the spectators remember Tom Cruise, alias Ethan Hunt, well in this sequence, they may remember his interlocutor less. The super-spy was in the middle of a discussion with Eugene Kittridge, boss of the IMF, played by the Canadian actor Henry Czerny.

Launched on the heels of Ethan Hunt, whom he suspects of being a mole, Kittridge is accused, at one point, of being the one who decimated almost all of the hero’s team. After playing the antagonists on this first opus, we never heard of this character again in the sequels.

In February 2020, a twist! Director Christopher McQuarrie reveals that Kittridge will return in Mission Impossible 7, still camped by Henry Czerny.

Two years later, the actor made his first appearance in the costume of this character in the first trailer for the film. 26 years later, Kittridge will surely play a crucial role in the plot of this 7th opus, baptized Dead Reckoning Part 1.


On the first images of the feature film, we see him talking with Ethan Hunt about good and evil. Apparently, Kittridge wants the secret agent to choose sides. But what exactly is he talking about? Will our favorite super spy have to go to the dark side? Will a heavy past full of secrets be revealed?

To find out, you will have to be very patient! Indeed, Misson Impossible Dead Reckoning will land in cinemas on July 12, 2023. As for the followingit will be released on June 26, 2024.


Born of a welder father and a baker mother, Henry Czerny developed a passion for comedy very early on and thus joined the prestigious National Theater School of Montreal. After graduating in 1982, he performed on stage in various plays including musicals.

At the same time, he passes castings. After a few appearances in series like Tintin junior and the TV movie The Sound and the Silence, he found his first big-screen role in the comedy Buried on Sunday (1992).

Mission impossible 7: who is the villain facing tom cruise in the trailer? - news...

Henry Czerny

In 1994, Henry Czerny played the cynical CIA adviser Robert Ritter in Immediate dangerworn by Harrison Ford in the skin of Jack Ryan. Always on the cinema side and in parallel with his numerous stage and television performances, the Canadian continues with When Night Is Falling and especially Mission: Impossible.

In this lucrative action film by Brian De Palma, he plays Eugene Kittridge, the boss of the IMF launched on the heels of Tom Cruise.

Then he takes part in icestormwhich depicts the life of bourgeois families in 1973. During the 2000s, he can be seen in films as different as The eye of the killer (2000), The Limit (2003), Klepto (id.), The Circle (2005), The Exorcism of Emily Rose (id.), Chaos (id.) or even The pink Panther (2006), where he again plays the villain.

On television, he slips into the skin of Thomas Howard, third Duke of Norfolk, in the hit series The Tudors. In 2011, Henry Czerny was chosen to play one of the series’ regular characters. revenge (which lasts until 2015).

It’s about Conrad Grayson, an unscrupulous man of power responsible for the imprisonment of the heroine’s father. He also takes part in two other successful series: Quantico and Sharp Objects.

Also in the 2010s, he appeared in films The All Risks Agency, Remember, The Other Half and Wedding Nightmareshowing once again how horror is one of his favorite genres.

In 2021, Henry Czerny resumes his character of Eugene Kittridge for the needs of Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8, always alongside the tireless Tom Cruise in the role of Ethan Hunt. He also does dubbing in Charlotte and Blade Runner – Black Lotus.

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