Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise shot “his most dangerous stunt”

Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise shot “his most dangerous stunt” for the movie

The Daredevil King has struck again! On the set of Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise performed his most dangerous stunt so far: a motorbike jump from a cliff, ending in a base-jump …

Mission impossible 7
Mission impossible 7
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In each part of Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise surpasses himself on the stunts side. And after having climbed with bare hands the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, in Ghost Protocol or hanging on the door of a plane taking off in Rogue Nation, the actor once again splurges on the set of the seventh episode, due in theaters in May 2022.

A spectacular waterfall that has been revealed to the CinemaCon audience last week and which the star describes as: “It is by far the most dangerous thing I have ever tried. We’ve been working on it for years.


And for good reason, in this scene shot in Norway, Tom Cruise drives a motorcycle at full speed on a ramp built on a cliff before launching into the void with his vehicle from which he then parachutes! “I wanted to do it since I was very little“, then assures the actor in the video which has not been published on the Internet.

To achieve this feat, the actor obviously trained more than reason: he notably jumped 500 times with a parachute, and jumped on a motorcycle from a course created for the occasion 30 times a day, which came back 13,000 times in all! “I had to get so good at it to have no chance to miss my shot“, he recalls.

Tom Cruise has jumped off a cliff on a motorcycle six times in a row today!“Says a stunt coordinator on the day of the shooting of this crazy sequence. And director Christopher McQuarrie to make fans’ mouths water by adding:”The only thing that scares me even more is what we have planned for Mission Impossible 8.”


It is now in England that the team continues to shoot the feature film, where a mishap happened to Tom Cruise. According to The Sun, the BMW of his bodyguard was stolen in front of the hotel where he was staying in Birmingham with inside the luggage of the actor whose value amounted to several thousand euros.

Another more joyful anecdote from this English shoot: the star landed in a helicopter in the garden of a British family who did not expect such a surprise. On the BBC, the mother of the family said: “We were in the garden, it was a beautiful day, the children were playing in the field. One of them warned me that two men had shown up.

I went out to talk to them and they asked me if they could use the field to land a helicopter, because a VIP wanted to land at Baginton airport but it was closed, and [le VIP] was late. I thought it would be pretty cool for the kids to see a helicopter land in the garden so I accepted.

Alison Webb had no idea then that it was none other than Tom Cruise who was going to get off the plane. Grateful to have been able to use their garden, the actor then took the two children for a little helicopter ride over the property. A memory that the family will not soon forget!

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