Mission Impossible 2 on 6ter: when Ben Stiller played the double of Tom Cruise

Aired this Wednesday, January 13 on 6ter, “Mission: Impossible II” has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Like this video made for the MTV Movie Awards, where we discovered the lining of Tom Cruise: Tom Crooze, played by Ben Stiller.


Mission Impossible: episode 2! And place for a new director, to stick to the will of its star Tom Cruise, who initially envisioned the franchise as a gigantic playground in which each opus would bear the mark of a director. To the thriller against a background of paranoia, voyeurism and reflection on the image of Brian De Palma have thus succeeded the lyricism and virtuosity of John Woo, author of a second opus released in the summer of 2000 and richer in action than its predecessor. And so in cascades, all performed by the main performer. Or almost, as revealed by this bonus available on DVD editions, which introduced us to his double: Tom Crooze, alias Ben Stiller.

The look, the way of talking and laughing, the name … Ben Stiller is an almost perfect understudy, and the video made for the MTV Movie Awards 2000 even reveals his appearances (oddly cut in the edit) in others. films of the star, from Risky Business to Magnolia to Cocktail. A sketch in which John Woo and Tom Cruise himself participate, for a small self-mockery number that prefigures his cameo in Austin Powers 3 and especially his performance in Tonnerre in the tropics. Unrecognizable, he plays the irascible producer Les Grossman, who earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2009, won by Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight.

A colorful performance with a memorable final dance that the performer of Ethan Hunt performed in front of the camera of Ben Stiller, who obviously likes to call on Tom Cruise when it comes to making fun of Hollywood . When will the pass of three, after Mission: Impossible II and Thunder in the tropics?

The hidden details of “Mission: Impossible II”:

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