Miss Marvel on Disney +: what is the new Marvel worth with the very first heroine…

What did we think of “Miss Marvel”, the brand new production from Marvel Studios derived from the film “Captain Marvel”, to follow every week exclusively on the Disney+ platform?


Kamala Khan aka Miss Marvel is an American Muslim teenager who lives in Jersey City. A great fan of video games and an insatiable fan-fiction editor, she loves superheroes, which ignite her imagination (especially Captain Marvel). But she struggles to find her place at home as in high school, until she discovers superpowers, similar to those of her heroes. She then tells herself, perhaps a little prematurely, that everything will work out…

Miss Marvelcreated by Bisha K. Ali (6 episodes, every Wednesday on Disney+)


The series was conceived by British screenwriter Bisha K. Ali, also known across the Channel as a stand-up comedian. Employed as a dialogue writer on the series Sex Educationin 2019 she obtained her first work as a main screenwriter on the television adaptation of Four weddings and a funeralbefore accessing the consecration shortly after by being entrusted by Marvel Studios with the writing of episodes of Loki then the design of the Miss Marvel series.

The pilot of the series was produced by the tandem of Belgian directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Authors of several award-winning feature films in festivals, the two filmmakers were entrusted in 2020 with the production of Bad Boy For Life, the third part of the action saga carried by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Besides directing episodes of Miss Marvel, the duo is currently working on the DC Comics movie. Batgirl.

Finally, the title role of the series was given to actress Iman Vellani. Barely nineteen years old, the latter had no experience of acting in cinema or television, and even less in a production of this magnitude.

Miss marvel on disney +: what is the new marvel worth with the very first heroine...
marvel studios


In more ways than one, Miss Marvel is a Marvel series like no other. Launched this Wednesday, June 8 by the Disney + platform, this new Marvel production features Kamala Khan, the very first Muslim heroine of the MCU. In addition to its approach to representing diversity, Miss Marvel is also a meta work placing Avengers fans at the center of the story.

A true Captain Marvel fanatic, Kamala dreams of only one thing: winning the cosplay contest organized by a local convention in her native New Jersey. By deciding to go there in secret, despite the formal ban on going there by her parents, the young woman will inherit cosmic powers thanks to an ancestral bracelet. Obtaining gifts that allow her to become the equal of her favorite heroes, the latter will however have to learn that great power also implies great responsibilities…

In addition to its wildly enthusiastic tone borrowing the narrative codes of teenage series, Miss Marvel relies above all on its visual originality, designed as a tribute to the pop universe of comic books by the duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and the creator Bisha K Ali. The dialogues fuse at high speed, the story does not give us a minute’s respite, and the series is full of visual finds, which offer the Marvel franchise the originality and modernity that the latest productions lacked.

Miss marvel on disney +: what is the new marvel worth with the very first heroine...
marvel studios

The show’s greatest accomplishment is in casting its lead actress, Iman Vellani. The beginner actress was chosen in particular because, like her character, the latter is a real fan of the Marvel universe; her audition – carried out via Zoom, due to the Covid – notably allowed the young woman to show her room to the producers of the series, every corner of which is dedicated to her passion for the Avengers!

Fresh and bubbly, Iman Vellani soaks up the role perfectly, and her love for the Marvel Universe should no doubt resonate with that also felt by many viewers. We should also remember that the Canadian actress will appear in the casting of The Marvelsthe second part of the adventures of Captain Marvel (July 26, 2023 at the cinema).

Miss Marvel, to follow every Wednesday exclusively on Disney+ from June 8.

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