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There are scam specialists… and there are AlloCiné technical specialists. On the occasion of the upcoming release of “The Fabelmans”, Michel & Michel decipher Steven Spielberg’s “Catch me if you can”.

When one of the greatest crooks is told by one of the greatest filmmakers, it gives Catch me if you can, one of Steven Spielberg’s best films according to AlloCiné viewers 4.2/5). The (incredible but) true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., who mastered the art of fraud in the sixties, to the point of posing as a doctor, a professor, a prosecutor and a an airline pilot…and to be among the FBI’s ten most wanted individuals at the time.

Faced with the chameleon Leonardo DiCaprio, as elusive as he is touching in the role of this genius hustler, Tom Hanks signed his second collaboration with Spielberg at the time after Saving Private Ryan. They have since toured Le Terminal, Le Pont des Espions and Pentagon Papers together. Nathalie Baye, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen complete the five-star cast, in which we can also meet young Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Pompeo and Elizabeth Banks.

On the occasion of the release on February 22 of The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg’s new feature film in which he recounts his youth and his discovery of the 7th Art, Michel & Michel return to this essential of the filmmaker’s filmography. AlloCiné’s technical specialists are experienced in detecting the slightest failures, errors, blunders, anachronisms and small details that do not work, and even the genius of the forger Frank Abagnale Jr. cannot resist it.

The proof in pictures in the video above: it’s heavy, very very heavy!

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