Minnesota Police Force Resignation: A Concern for Goodhue Residents

Minnesota Police Force Resignation: A Concern for Goodhue Residents

1. Entire Goodhue Police Force Resigns

  • In an unexpected turn of events, the entire police force in Goodhue, Minnesota, tendered their resignations earlier this week.

2. Reasons for Resignation

  • Low Pay: One of the primary grievances raised by the resigning officers was the issue of insufficient compensation for the risk and workload they carried.
  • Dipping Morale: A sustained low morale amongst the police force was another significant concern, further exacerbated by ongoing criticisms and pressure from various societal factions.

3. ‘Defund the Police’ Movement’s Impact

  • Linkage to Present Resignations: Noted commentator, Charlie Hurt, drew a connection between the recent resignations and the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, suggesting the activists may have gotten their wish, at least in Goodhue.
  • Background: The Defund the Police movement gained national prominence approximately three years ago, particularly after the tragic death of George Floyd. The incident ignited anti-cop sentiments in various parts of the country, leading to protests, riots, and looting in several cities.

4. Community Responses and Concerns

  • Many Goodhue residents have expressed alarm at the sudden void in local law enforcement. The mass resignation set off alarm bells, especially considering the wider national conversation on policing.
  • Outcry: There has been a vocal segment of the community expressing concern over what they view as the potential repercussions of the ‘Defund the Police’ rhetoric. The sentiment is that the movement may have indirectly precipitated such resignations.

5. The Road Ahead

  • The local government in Goodhue will likely have to take swift actions to ensure the safety and security of its residents. This could involve hiring new officers, restructuring the police department, or collaborating with nearby municipalities for shared police services.
  • The resignation also provides an opportunity for local communities and activists to engage in constructive dialogue, re-evaluate community policing models, and find common ground to move forward.


While the situation in Goodhue is concerning for many residents, it’s a stark reminder of the broader national debate on police reform and funding. As towns and cities across the U.S. grapple with these issues, finding a balanced approach that ensures both community safety and police well-being will be of paramount importance.

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