Mina Mangal, Afghan journalist, Murdered in Kabul

Mina Mangal, Afghan journalist, Murdered in Kabul

Mina Mangal, who’d worked as a television presenter for popular Pashto-language stations before entering politics, has been gunned down in broad daylight Saturday morning in southeast Kabul, according to ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi.

Police investigations are underway to get the attackers who shot Mangal, Rahimi added.

The brazen attack sparked an outpouring of anger and despair from Mangal’s coworkers and women’s rights activists, who convicted police for failing to protect her in the face of threats.

Mina Mangal, Afghan journalist

Afghan women’s rights activist Wazhma Frogh explained that Mangal had recently posted on Facebook that she was getting threats and feared for her life.

“Can’t stop my tears at the loss of this gorgeous soul. She had a voice that was loud, & actively increasing voice to her people. In this Facebook status, she says she is threatened & she says she trusts her Allah & that a powerful woman is not scared of death. RIP Mina Mangal,” Frogh stated in a post on Twitter.

Mangal, herself a staunch supporter of women’s rights to work and education, had lately become a cultural commission of the Afghan parliament. Among her coworkers, member of parliament Shagufa Noorzai, stated that her death was part of a pattern of women targeted at Kabul’s streets.

“#Farkhunda was burnt to death, #BabyMahsa was kidnapped, raped & murdered, #BibiAyesha nose was cut, Girls got stoned and now #MinaMangal take 9 times. These crimes took place mainly during the day & largely from the green zone capital town of #Kabul. #StopKillingWomen,” Noorzai tweeted.

A journalist in Lemar TV, another station where Mangal had worked, stated that it was time for female journalists to be shielded.

“So sad to hear, Journalist& Advisor to the Parliament #MinaMangal assassinated today in Kabul by an unknown individual. She was a powerful self-made girl; RIP #Mina. She is not the 1st and would not be the last lost(unfortunately). Intense protection 4 female journalists! Is what we want,” Zalma Kharooti said on Twitter.

Along with Lemar TV, Mangal also worked for Tolo TV, Afghanistan’s largest private broadcaster, and Shamshad TV, a rival.

Journalists have become increasingly targeted in Afghanistan in recent years, with 13 killed in 2018 alone — the most in any one year there, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. At least 48 journalists were killed in Afghanistan between 1994 and 2018.

Source of News: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/12/middleeast/mina-mangal-killed-kabul-intl/index.html


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