Million of users are at risk due to the HP Software Vulnerability

Million of users are at risk due to the HP Software Vulnerability

In this digital world, security vulnerabilities have become a significant concern for all users. Generally, the entire software & hardware industry is striving to get out of these security vulnerabilities mainly to keep the data safe and secure. 

 No matter what precautions software companies are taking, but the security vulnerabilities are arising almost every day. It’s really becoming tricky to keep the count on the software vulnerabilities which happen daily.

Million of users are at risk due to the hp software vulnerability
Security vulnerabilities

Recently, speaking about software vulnerabilities, SafeBreach one of the famous security research firms, has discovered one of the critical software vulnerabilities. This vulnerability has exploited a bug in the open hardware monitor.

The latest Software bug will infect the windows PCs that run the software when it is on an open hardware monitor. Usually, HP Touch Analytics software is the most commonly used software to make use of open hardware monitor tools. And this software runs millions of HP laptops and PC throughout the world.

Soon when this has got infected, this has turned millions of HP users at high risk. However, HP has worked on it and fixed the vulnerability shortly after the flaw was detected. 

Nevertheless, the other firms that are using the open hardware monitor tool are still at risk. In case if you aren’t aware of whether you are using open hardware monitor or not? Then, the open hardware monitor is a free tool that keeps a check of the temperature sensors, your laptop fan speeds, keeps the voltage in check. At the same time, it’s essential for load and clock speeds of computers as well.

Actually, a point that made this flaw potentially dangerous to the users is “HP TouchPoint Analytics comes with “signed devices”. So all the antivirus tools will treat that software as “whitelisted” software and will allow this tool. 

As antivirus tool allows this software, and this software has high root-level access to the system. It has enabled hackers to quickly perform different tasks and gain access to the critical parts of your desktop or PC.

Hackers can go even further, and they can exploit the Open hardware monitors drivers who often have access to high-level privileges in this system. So, hackers can quickly write or read your hardware memory. This means they could steal all the sensitive information which you have stored in the device.

Although the vulnerability is solved by HP right now, these types of security vulnerabilities are often destroying lots of users’ data. Also, it’s alarming all the users and tech industry experts because these kinds of attacks indicate the ease of malicious attacks.

This is a clear sign to security firms over the world that they need to increase their frequency of testing and analyzing the software. Mainly to match the pace of the cybercriminals. As the cybercriminals are continuously innovating themselves to hack into the most secure parts of IT Systems. Security teams have to think out of the box to dominate the cybercriminals.

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