Million Dollar Baby on Chérie 25: a look back at Hilary Swank’s intensive training

Million Dollar Baby is broadcast on Chéri 25. On this occasion, return on the intensive training of Hilary Swank. A role for which the actress won the Oscar for Best Actress.

Winner of 4 Oscars (Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor), Million Dollar Baby achieves $ 217 million in international box office revenue for an estimated budget of $ 30 million. The film was a critical and public success and allowed Hilary Swank to win the second Oscar for Best Actress of her career after that won in 2000 for her role in the drama Boys don’t Cry.

Released in our theaters in March 2005, the film follows Maggie Fitzgerald, a young thirty-something looking for a sports coach. She meets Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood), a gruff trainer who has lived alone since his daughter rejected him. After having rejected the young woman’s request several times, Frankie is finally convinced. An eventful relationship is formed between them, during which Maggie and the trainer discover an unexpected community of spirit and bond.

Directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Paul Haggis, the film is inspired by three semi-autobiographical short stories (The Monkey Look, Million $$$ Baby and Frozen Water) written under the pseudonym FX Toole. It is actually Jerry Boyd, a former professional trainer who has frequented the world of boxing for a long time and has captured the codes and customs, the spirit and the language.

Million Dollar Baby required Hilary Swank – former swimming champion – an intensive 3-month training, enough to satisfy Eastwood who found the actress too frail for the role. Six days a week, from 5 am and for 4 hours, the actress trains with Hector Roca at Gleason’s Gym on Broadway. Ranked among the best coaches in the world by the International Boxing Digest, the latter has coached many world champions, including Iran Barkley, Arturo Gatti, Regilio Tuur and Buddy McGirt. During her lessons, the actress will even have Lucia Rijker, quadruple world boxing champion, as sparring partner. The boxer also appears in the feature film since she plays Billie ‘The Blue Bear’ and faces Maggie in the ring.

Million dollar baby on chérie 25: a look back at hilary swank's intensive training

Warner Bros.

Lucia Rijker and Hilary Swank

After boxing, it’s time for weight training! In the afternoon, Hilary Swank goes to a gym where she is coached by trainer and weightlifter Grant Roberts. She trained for long hours, until she contracted a staph infection from a blister. The actress then takes a week of rest in order to get back on her feet and does not say anything to the director because she judges that it is not in the spirit of the character.

Maggie’s performer also had to follow a strict diet. When promoting the film in 2005, she told the site MovieWeb : “I had to eat protein every hour and a half. In addition to the meal, I drank egg whites. It’s the worst thing ever. I also had to drink flaxseed oil. It is a very important oil so that the transit can continue to function properly when we eat so much protein.Even her nights were conditioned: in order to let her muscles rest between each session, Hilary Swank had to sleep 9 hours.

In total, the actress takes more than 9 kilos of muscles, she adds: “The producers asked me to gain 5 kilos of muscle, I took 9. I no longer had a gram of fat but I no longer recognized my body. “

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