Mike Tyson: his life soon to be adapted into a mini-series by Hulu, the angry ex-champion

Boxing champion the controversial Mike Tyson will see his life adapted on the small screen in a miniseries for Hulu.

Mike tyson: his life soon to be adapted into a mini-series by hulu, the angry ex-champion

The Hulu platform has just ordered eight episodes of the Iron Mike miniseries on heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. The film crew Me, Tonya takes the reins with screenwriter Steven Rogers writing and Craig Gillespie directing. Margot Robbie, the star of the film Me, Tonya, will be executive producer with Karin Gist (Mixed-ish) who will also be the showrunner of the series.

Iron Mike will look back on the life and roller coaster career of Mike Tyson, punctuated by drama and controversy but also highlights. The ex-champion is undoubtedly one of the most divisive personalities in the world of sport after numerous scandals. Considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, he won his first league title at age 20.

He was subsequently sentenced for rape and six years in prison in 1992. After retiring from boxing, Tyson started another career on the small and big screen. He’s been in The Hangover movies, had his reality TV show Taking on Tyson on Animal Planet where he gets into pigeon racing and he’s even the hero of an animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult. Swim where he solves investigations around the world with his funny sidekicks.

Angry mike tyson

Immediately after Hulu’s announcement, Mike Tyson wasted no time in expressing his dissatisfaction. He spoke on social networks by qualifying this project of “cultural diversion” and by underlining the bad taste to announce it in February, period recognized in the United States to be the month of the history of the Blacks (Black History Month).

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In a post on Instagram, Mike Tyson writes:

Hulu’s announcement to make an unauthorized miniseries about Tyson’s story, for no pay, though unfortunate, is not surprising. (…) Hollywood needs to be more sensitive to the experiences of black people, especially after everything that has happened in 2020.

The boxer added that an “authorized” story is currently in development and that the project will be announced in the coming days. Hulu declined to comment.

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