Midnight Mass trailer on Netflix: Haunting of Hill House creator reveals his new nightmare

Chaïma tounsi-chaïbdraa

Chaïma Tounsi-Chaïbdraa

Streaming journalist

She had been impatiently awaiting the arrival of Netflix and had signed up within the hour to devour the first season of Daredevil. Since then, she closely follows what comes out every week on the platform to have binge-watching evenings and advise you on the best streaming outputs.

Netflix has just unveiled a first teaser of Midnight Mass, its third series in collaboration with Mike Flanagan. After the haunted houses of Hill House and Bly Manor, head to a small island town where some very strange things are happening.

We were eagerly awaiting the first images of Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s new creation for Netflix. The American giant has just unveiled an intense first trailer that sets the tone. We dive into the heart of a community which must face miraculous events and dark omens after the arrival of a mysterious priest.

Exit the haunted houses and ghosts of Hill House and Bly Manor but hello the jumpscares and the scary atmosphere. Those who have seen the previous two series will have recognized some familiar faces in this video.

Flanagan has the particularity of appealing to his favorite actors, starting with his campaign in the city Kate Siegel. Henry Thomas (Hill House, Bly Manor) and Rahul Kohli (Bly Manor) are also back. But this time the lead role went to Zach Gilford (Good Girls).

If this teaser is not lacking in mystery, we will have to wait for a real trailer to understand what exactly Midnight Mass will tell us about. Or it will be necessary to wait until September 24 and the release of the series on Netflix for the binge-watcher.

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