Microsoft’s Office 365 Being Rebranded As Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 Being Rebranded As Microsoft 365

The Office 365 subscription service from Microsoft has been promoted as a system where people can access various productivity programs. These include programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The programs are used for many needs, including many things that might work for different plans.

But on April 21, Office 365 will be replaced with a new service called Microsoft 365. The effort is mostly out of branding. But Microsoft is also hoping to make its content more viable and useful to the public. The system will be available for personal and family needs, with different monthly values involved with each of these points.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365

Pricing Points

Microsoft 365 will include monthly plans worth $7 and $10. The pricing is the same as what Office 365 uses. The $7 plan is for personal use. The $10 plan is for family use, which means that up to six people can use the service on one account.

People can use either plan for Microsoft 365 will get access to various Microsoft desktop apps on Windows and Mac devices. 1 TB of OneDrive storage will also be available for each person. A user can get unlimited access to the OneDrive Personal Vault service and 50 GB of email storage with

People can also record messages on Skype. Each month of access comes with up to 60 minutes of Skype mobile and landline phone calls.

Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 users will benefit from a new feature that comes with Microsoft 365. The service will provide technical support for Windows 10. Added security support will also be available to protect users from phishing and malware attacks.

Working With Teams

The Microsoft 365 rebranding is one part of what Microsoft is doing with the service. Microsoft is also bringing out the Teams system for consumer use. Teams is used as an enterprise-based approach to communication. The personal version of Teams will feature many chat and video calling functions. People can move between business and personal accounts for their work needs. The design makes it easier for users to control their content.

But while Teams provides better collaboration support and control for data, it is not going to be a full replacement for Skype. The Skype support provided by Microsoft 365 will help allow people to handle many forms of communication and other activities while online with the setup.

Other Things

Microsoft took its announcement of Microsoft 365 to introduce a few other things. The Microsoft Word program can now work with an online connection that uses an AI to review how well a person writes. The design helps people confirm what they are doing when writing, and it also makes it easier for people to learn what they can do to manage their work.

The new Microsoft 365 release will help people with staying connected and with making it easier for them to manage their content. The new branding will be accompanied with the features mentioned here to help people facilitate the content and work that they are trying to handle.

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