Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leaks, could get better camera

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leaks: One of the reasons it may not have fared well was the fact that it ignored some smartphone aspects that buyers prioritize. The camera on the Surface Duo was quite weak, for example. A new leak, though, suggests the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could address this pain point.

Microsoft surface duo in hand book mode
Microsoft surface duo 2 leaks. david imel / android authority


  • The first leaked images of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 just landed.
  • The leak shows a redesigned rear camera module with three lenses, suggesting better camera hardware.
  • Microsoft’s treatment of imaging as an afterthought was a major pain point of the original Surface Duo.

The leaked image below comes from relatively unknown YouTuber Tech Rat. Initially, we were sceptical of the leak’s authenticity. However, Windows Central then chimed in with its own affirmation that this image accurately reflects what they know about the Surface Duo 2, so we’re OK promoting it here.

Check out the image below.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leak

Microsoft surface duo 2 leak

The image suggests the overall design of the Surface Duo 2 might not change much. The hinge looks the same, the Microsoft logo is in the same spot, and the colorway of the phone looks similar.

However, there now appears to be a rear camera module. If you remember, the original Surface Duo didn’t have a rear camera at all. Instead, you would use the internal selfie camera as the main camera (the hinged nature of the device allowed for this). Of course, a single selfie camera isn’t going to produce flagship-level photos and videos.

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The rear camera on the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 appears to have three lenses. The module itself looks to be very thick, too, which heavily suggests premium lenses and sensors. There’s also a flash and what appears to be some sort of light sensor.

This is all good news for shoppers. There may have been quite a few people out there who would have loved to grab a Surface Duo but balked at its lack of premium imaging. If Microsoft can address that pain point (and fix up the software), it could have a winner on its hands with the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

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