Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could be the next Microsoft event

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could be the next Microsoft event

  • Microsoft could finally unveil the Surface Duo 2 smartphone at a September 22 press conference.
  • An earlier leak of the Android-based phone showed what appeared to be a new camera module.
  • Microsoft could also unveil a new Surface Pro tablet and a new Surface laptop at the event.

Microsoft appears to be hosting a packed Surface Press Event in three weeks. Microsoft just announced that it will host an online event Wednesday, September 22 at 11:00 ET.

The Surface press event will unveil several Windows-based hardware devices in addition to the Duo 2. According to Microsoft’s teaser image, the Surface Pro 8 tablet could be one of the new devices. Windows Central suggests that there could be a new Surface Pro X tablet and a Surface Go 3 budget notebook.

This event will be held just two weeks before Microsoft launches Windows 11 the next major version its Windows PC operating system. Microsoft had promoted the OS’s ability to run Android apps via Amazon’s app store. However, the company said this week that it would not be available at launch. It will be available for users to test via the Windows Insider program in the next few months.

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