Mexico police find 45 bags containing body parts ‘matching characteristics’

Mexican police find 45 bags of body parts believed to be from missing call center staff

Guadalajara, Mexico – Mexican police have found 45 bags containing human body parts in a warehouse in the city of Guadalajara. The body parts are believed to be from seven missing call center employees who were abducted in May.

The call center employees were abducted on May 20th and 21st. They were last seen leaving their office in Guadalajara. Their families reported them missing after they did not return home.

Police searched the warehouse on June 2nd after receiving a tip from a local resident. The resident reported seeing a suspicious vehicle entering and leaving the warehouse.

When police searched the warehouse, they found 45 bags containing human body parts. The body parts were in various stages of decomposition.

Police believe that the body parts belong to the seven missing call center employees. They are still working to identify the victims.

The Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) is investigating the case. They believe that the call center employees were killed by a drug cartel.

The FGE has not released the name of the drug cartel. However, they have said that the cartel is known for its violent methods.

The discovery of the body parts has shocked the city of Guadalajara. Guadalajara is a major city in Mexico and is known for its safety.

The discovery of the body parts has raised concerns about the level of violence in Mexico. Mexico is a major drug trafficking country and is plagued by violence related to the drug trade.

The discovery of the body parts is a reminder of the dangers that people face in Mexico. It is also a reminder of the need for the Mexican government to do more to stop the violence.

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