Men, What Shouldn’t Other Men Be Judged For? Here’s What Guys Had to Say.

Fact: men, just like women, get judged for stuff all the time.

And a lot of it isn’t wrong or is just plain unfair.

So today we’re going to hear from men on AskReddit about what they think other guys shouldn’t be judged for.

Read on to see what they had to say about this.

“Getting involved with kids.

I was on a playground with my son today. There were 3 dads near by when a kid fell hard and started crying. We all just looked at eachother and looked around for the parent(s) to come over.

Nobody moved an inch. I am not saying to touch another child but it was pretty apparent that none of the men were going intervene.”

“Not being in the mood for s**.

Women (or men) can take it so personally.

Sometimes we’re too exhausted.”

“Being emotional, crying.

Men get hurt too.

Crying is actually a great stress release.”

“Drinking cocktails instead of beer.

Or “girly drinks”.

It’s my money and I’m gonna drink something that tastes good.”

“Getting a sports car or new clothes or s**t.

I couldn’t afford the cars I wanted when I was younger. Its not some phase or a mid life crisis.

Stop labeling men as immature for enjoying things they couldn’t when they were younger. Maturity is not defined by one’s hobbies or interests.

And I just like the car.”

“Being close to their parents.

Just because a man is close to his parents/ mother doesn’t mean he’s a “mamas boy.””


I get it’s the modern era and people wanna be open about their feelings and be free to cry. But it cuts both ways.

If a man wants to keep their emotions private and in check, he shouldn’t be judged as being regressive or cold.”

“For not having a house, not having a car, or not being stable finacially.

I’m doing what I can.”

“Having trust issues with women.

We are suppose to accept women have trust issues with men, but guys are taken less seriously even when they have solid reasons.”


What’s wrong with liking color? I gotta sit in some drab oak and leather room drinking scotch while I stare into nothingness waiting for d**th to be a man? Jesus, just let me like things.

…flowers and kittens are cool.”

“Expressing ourselves.

My wife is pregnant and has a full time job, since she’s been pregnant I’ve taken on doing 100% of the cooking, cleaning, errands, groceries, rubbing her feet, taking care of her (When she gets home from work, I put on her favorite show and have her relax the rest of the day, I refuse to have her do any work) etc.

This is additional to me already working my job where I pay all our bills, do yard work, vehicle maintenance, etc. I work from the time I get up to the moment we go to bed.

I love my wife very much and want this time for her to be as easy as possible because I know she’s having it tough. She knows that I’ve been busting my ass lately, but anyone on the outside think men do nothing during this time.

Conversations with other people usually go in the way of berating me (Or men in the relationship) by insinuating that I need to step it up more, I’m not doing enough, and if I dare bring up the fact that I’m overwhelmed I’m seen as weak and unfit to be her husband.

I get it though, there are some really s**tty guys out there and they’re taking their frustration out on me, but for those of us who are actually putting forth an effort, it’s demoralizing. This type of behavior is why a lot of men simply say nothing because we’d rather not say anything for 15 minutes than deal with hours of drama.”

“Taking long showers.

I wish that I was able to take a long shower without everybody in the household thinking I’m having a wank.

I just want to enjoy hot water, it’s relaxing.”

What do you think men shouldn’t be judged for?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!

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