Men, What Are Your Best Bro Tips? People Responded.

Are you ready to bro down, bros?

Because now is the time, my bros.

Let’s get some solid bro tips from dudes on AskReddit.

Take a look!

“Do not leave your home smelling musty.

Also, tell your friends if their home, car, them etc smells musty.

There’s a time and a place of course, but often we don’t notice and the note to freshen up is very welcome.”

“Show your bros you care about them in little ways.

If you don’t message them often, message them just to ask how they’re doing. Things like that.

Bros are lonely nowadays. Every bro needs a message.”

“Don’t neglect your oral health.

It’s just as important as your general health.”

“Check on your bros.

They won’t necessarily tell you when they need help.”

“Always buy more than one stick of deodorant at a time so you’ll have a spare around when you run out.

Finding out that you’re at the end right before you have to be somewhere, preferably smelling acceptable, is the worst.”

“Don’t fall in love with potential.

I learned that lesson the hard way.”

“As a guy in his mid-50s, my number-1 advice is: When you’re disagreeing with someone, no matter the relationship, always validate their point first, empathize with them second, and then, and only then, make your counter-argument.

Never respond to an argument with a pushback before you’ve validated/empathized with them. If you’re Machiavellian about life, you’ll be more likely to get what you want from someone else if they feel respected by you.

If you’re not Machiavellian, it’s just a nice thing to do.”

“Don’t be a d**k. Everybody is struggling with something.

DBAD is the best advice for everyone honestly.”

“Have AT LEAST one friend you can have real conversations with about your feelings.

Particularly if you’re in your late teens or twenties you probably don’t talk about that stuff with your mates but it makes the world of difference knowing you have someone to talk to about it, even if you don’t have anything to tell them just yet.”

“If your friend(s) invites you somewhere you normally wouldn’t be interested in (a ball game or whatever), say yes and do it anyway.

It ain’t about the activity.”

“Focus on yourself and develop yourself into something you’re proud of.

Everything else will fall into place if you can be confident in who you are and what you’re capable of.”

“Support each other, be willing to listen to their problems, and try to understand them.

We all need someone to talk to and there’s nothing wrong with opening up as long as you feel comfortable doing that.”

What are your best bro tips?

Lay ’em on us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!

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