Men Admit the Questions They’ve Always Wanted to Ask Women but Were Too Embarrassed

Okay guys, let’s get real…

If you’re anything like me, there are some questions you want to ask women but you’re embarrassed…or scared…

And today we’re in luck because AskReddit users went on the record and shared the questions they’ve always wanted to ask women but didn’t quite have the guts.

Let’s take a look.

“I always assumed periods were a constant stream of blood (like a cut).

Apparently this is wrong, so how does it work? Small gushes?”

“What’s the most neutral and comfortable way to start a conversation (maybe at a bar), without being too shy or too aggressive/rude?”

“Other than the obvious (lying, cheating, rude to you or your friends), what’s the quickest way for your S.O, or someone you’re interested in, to lose your respect?”

“How do many of you have such nice skin?

I want to be silky smooth, too.”

“If bras give support then why does it feel good when you take them off?

Would it feel good to never wear a bra?”

“How do you do the math and physics for when you pee outside?

Some of my female friends took postures straight out of a yoga book and never made a mess.”

“Do women play with their own breasts out it boredom?

Like randomly squeeze them?”

“How do you shampoo long hair?

I’ve always had short hair, so lather and rinse is pretty easy, but with long hair I feel like it would get complicated quickly.”

“What should I do to not make you feel threatened when I walk behind you at night?

Cross the street?”

“Is it ideal for girls to or**sm first every time?

I always try to make every partner I’ve been with c** first. For one because I enjoy it, but also because I was always told that’s what you were supposed to do. A lot of times the order of operations with s** feels pretty natural.

But I’ve noticed with some women I’ve been with, they’ll seem to be pretty done after they climax, especially if it’s intense. I’m just like ok am I supposed to just stick in it now that the person is kind of over it, is that enjoyable for y’all really?”

“If someone respectfully confesses they have had a crush on you but don’t really expect anything out of it how would you react?”

“According to popular culture girls want the bad boys and they want to “fix” them.

How true is this and granted that there is any truth to it. What success rate do you have?”

What do you think about this?

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