Memory in the skin with Matt Damon: a new Jason Bourne is planned? – Cinema news

Memory in the skin with matt damon: a new jason bourne is planned? - cinema news

The hero played by Matt Damon has not appeared on the big screen since the film Jason Bourne. Released in 2016, will the feature film have a sequel one day?

Adapted from the spy novel trilogy of Robert Ludlummovies The memory in the skin, The death in the skin and The Bourne Ultimatumall carried by Matt Damonwere a huge success, approaching one billion in worldwide revenue between them.

It is therefore not surprising that other productions in this universe have emerged subsequently. A fourth film titled Jason Bourne: Legacywith an all-new main character played by Jeremy Rennerfirst of all.

The latter did not have the expected success with 276 million greenbacks collected for a budget of 125 million.

Then, a few years later, a fifth episode soberly called Jason Bournewhich marked the return of Matt Damon as the former CIA agent.

This last adventure brought in the tidy sum of 415 million dollars internationally for a total cost of 120 million. Finally, a series Treadstone was born in 2019. It only lasted one season.


During the promotion of the series, precisely, the producer Ben Smith – who worked on the last two feature films of the franchise – had declared to CinemaBlend :

We are really working on another film. What are we going to do with it? Will this be connected [à la série] within the same universe? Absolutely. The details of all this are still secret.

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A few months later, in May 2020, it was the historical producer of the saga, Frank Marshallwho spoke on the subject during an interview with Colliderwithout however providing more concrete information:

I love the Bourne series, and I think there’s an opportunity for different directors to get into it now. So hopefully we can find a new story for Bourne and a new director. We are looking for.


It is true that Paul Greengrassto whom we owe Death in the skin, The Vengeance in the skin and Jason Bourne, seems to have finished with this universe.

In an interview conducted in December 2020, The Playlist asked the filmmaker if he had been approached by Universal to direct a new episode.

To which he replied: “We haven’t talked about it recently, so I don’t know what their plans are. I’m sure they’ll make more Bourne movies, hopefully.

I don’t know if I’ll be involved, but I’ve had my time, haven’t I? Let’s be honest. But I love the Bourne movies, and I love the actor, and I wish them well.


During the promotion of Jason Bourne, the actor had assured that it was not necessarily a goodbye to the character and that he would not be against slipping into his skin again in the future.

To Digital SpyMatt Damon had even confided that if a good story was found bringing together Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), he would be up for a crossover!

However, in 2017, the comedian told the Toronto Sun :

The last movie didn’t do as well as the ones we made 10 years ago, so maybe the audience is done with the character.

While reaffirming that a “amazing story“could still make him want to play it again. The ball is therefore the camp of the producers.

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However, contrary to what Matt Damon maintains, Jason Bourne is the second biggest success of the franchise after The Vengeance in the skin (444 million).

The Death in the skin brought in 290 M and The Memory in the skin posted the score of 214 M. In all, the franchise generated 1.5 billion in worldwide revenue.

When we see that Keanu Reeves, brad pitt Where Tom Cruiseall 60 years old (or almost), continue to break the villain in action films, one can reasonably think that Matt Damon, 51 years old, will be able to easily return in the costume of Jason Bourne in the next years.

Damien Boisseau, French voice of Matt Damon, answered our questions in the Voix Ouf podcast

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