Melissa McCarthy: after Thunder Force, 5 other movies and series to watch on Netflix

Melissa McCarthy: after Thunder Force, 5 other movies and series to watch on Netflix

Do you like Melissa McCarthy, currently starring in the superheroic comedy Thunder Force? So there is always time to catch up, if you haven’t yet, its five films and series available on Netflix.

Pay-per-view scam

What is it about ? Diana leads the way in the suburbs of Miami, and offers herself everything she wants. There is only one concern: the identity she uses to finance her follies is none other than that of an account manager “Sandy Patterson Bigelow” who lives on the other side of the United States …

Before having romantic candlelit dinners with Jason Bateman in Thunder Force, Melissa McCarthy already gave him the answer in 2012 in Scam à la carte, a film directed by one of the experts of the American comedy Seth Gordon. And like many feature films of the time, the script skilfully mixes road movie and comedy. If Scam à la carte did not receive a warm welcome by the critics on its release, they praised the chemistry of the two actors. No wonder when you know that Bateman insisted that McCarthy play alongside him so much he found her hilarious in My Best Friends. The actress did not hesitate to clown on the set, to the chagrin of Robert Patrick who had the greatest difficulty in keeping his seriousness in the scene where he is tied up.

Gilmore Girls

What is it about ? Manager of an inn in Stars Hollow, a small Connecticut town populated by colorful residents, Lorelai Gilmore is raising her daughter Rory on her own, whom she had at the age of 16. Both have a very strong mother-daughter relationship, which makes them first and foremost friends, and together navigate the various obstacles in life.

It was notably thanks to her character as Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls that Melissa McCarthy became known to the general public (and later Mike and Molly). A role still far removed from the comic tone of these most famous films even if the Amy Sherman-Palladino series was not lacking. The actress will even make a cameo appearance in the sequel A New Year on Netflix despite her hectic schedule.

My best friends

What is it about ? Annie is bad luck. Her fiancé has left her and her new lover is a bastard. Lillian, her best friend, has the perfect love. When she announces her future marriage to him, Annie forgets her worries to devote herself to her role of witness and transform the preparations into a magical and privileged moment.

Paul Feig and Judd Apatow both fell in love with Melissa McCarthy and worked together several times. They chose her to play the extravagant Megan in their comedy My Best Friends. A colorful character and member of a wrestling club who does not go unnoticed… especially in a plane. The actress knew her other co-stars very well – Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Annie Mumolo – who are also comedy experts.

40 years user’s Guide

What is it about ? The only man in the house, Pete has been married for years to Debbie with whom he had two daughters, Charlotte and Sadie, aged 8 and 13. Pete will soon be 40 and the toll is tough: Unfiltered Records, the independent record company he founded, is struggling, his father Larry, who recently, and artificially, spawned triplets, is shamelessly relying on his financial support to feed this new family, and at home, life is not a long calm river either.

After the success of My Best Friends, of which he was the producer, Apatow once again called on McCarthy to star in his upcoming feature film 40 Years Manual. Even though it’s a smaller role – that of a hysterical mother – the director has given her carte blanche. She therefore did not hesitate to improvise some of her scenes, including the one in high school with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Their laughter is also spontaneous in the face of the actress’s monologue.


What is it about ? New version of the supernatural Ghostbusters comedy with a female cast. The ghosts have better watch out!

Paul Feig dreamed of making a “buddy movie” for his feminine reboot of Ghostbusters like My Best Friends. He therefore called on two of his favorite actresses to be part of the team: Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. A childhood dream for the 50-year-old actress, fan of the first two films. She did not hide her emotion when she put on the famous proton pack for the first time.

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