Megatherm Induction IPO GMP, Open and Close Date, Lot Size, How to buy?

The pricing range for the Megatherm Induction IPO is ₹100 to ₹108 for each equity share. The subscription period for the Megatherm Induction IPO will begin on January 25and end on January 30 However, it was changed from January 29, 2024to January 31, 2024.

Megatherm Induction IPO GMP

The grey market premium, or GMP, for Megatherm Induction IPO, is +40. According to, this shows that the price of Megatherm Induction shares was selling at a premium of ₹40 on the black market.

Megatherm Induction’s expected listing price was ₹148 per share, 37.04% more than the IPO price of ₹108, taking into account the top end of the IPO pricing range and the existing premium on the grey market.

Megatherm Induction SME IPO’s most recent Megatherm Induction IPO GMP, as of January 23, 2024, at 11:29 AM, is ₹60. The projected listing price of Megatherm Induction SME IPO, with a price band of 108.00, is ₹168 (cap price + today’s GMP).55.56% is the anticipated percentage gain or loss per share.

Megatherm Induction IPO

The pricing range for the Megatherm Induction initial public offering (IPO) is ₹100 to ₹108 per equity share. Subscriptions for Megatherm Induction IPO will be accepted starting on Thursday, January 25, and ending on Tuesday, January 30 However, it was changed from January 29, 2024, to January 31, 2024.

Bids may be placed for multiples of 1,200 shares, with a minimum bid of 1,200. The ₹53.91 crore Megatherm Induction IPO comprises a new issuance of 4,992,000 equity shares with a face value of ₹10. There is no offer-for-sale component, and this is a whole new problem.

The offer’s earnings will be used to fund general company needs, the construction of a production shed, and capital expenditures for the installation of new machinery and plant. A lot size of 1,200 shares is available for the Megatherm Induction IPO.

The Megatherm Induction IPO reserves 50% of the shares for qualified institutional buyers (QIB), 15% for non-institutional institutional investors (NII), and 35% for ordinary investors.

Megatherm Induction IPO GMP

How Do I Buy / Sell IPO Application In Grey Market?

The grey market is not officially affiliated with any individuals or companies. Based on the IPO GMP, certain brokers purchase and sell IPO applications on Kostak Rates or Subject to Sauda Rates.

It is advisable to locate nearby brokers that act as a middleman between buyers and sellers and trade IPO applications on the grey market. After you are informed of the rates, proceed with the purchase or sale.

What Factors are Influencing IPO GMP?

The IPO Grey Market Premium is caused by several variables, including:

  • Company Fundamentals: A solid management team, growth potential, and strong financials may all have a favorable effect on the GMP.
  • Market Conditions: Investor interest in initial public offerings (IPOs) is influenced by economic considerations, industry performance, and overall market mood.
  • Demand and Supply Dynamics: The GMP is mostly determined by the quantity of shares that are offered and the degree of investor interest.

What is IPO Kostak’s Rate?

The sum that one investor pays the seller of an IPO application before the IPO listing is known as the Kostak rate. The Kostak rates follow the same pattern of reaction as the grey market. On Kostak rates, one may set their profit by buying and selling their whole IPO application outside of the market.

The buyer must pay the Kostak rates for the IPO regardless of whether the investor receives an IPO allotment. If someone submitted four applications for one initial public offering (IPO) and sold them for ₹500 each, they were able to achieve an IPO profit of ₹2,000.

Even if he receives the allocation in two applications, he will still make ₹2,000. Now, if he or she sells the stock and makes around ₹8,000 in profit, the investor who purchased the application must receive the remaining ₹6,000 in profit. This is how you sell your application on the IPO grey market in a secure manner.

What is  IPO Subject to Sauda?

The amount determined when investors get the firm allocation on their IPO application is Subject to Sauda on the application, under the Kostak rate.

If someone purchases or sells the IPO application related to Saudi Arabia, it indicates that they will be eligible to receive the specified amount if they are allocated; if not, Saudi will be canceled.

Since it relies on the allocation, one cannot set their profit in this case. Once again, if an allotment is obtained, the application should be sold for around ₹15000, and if the profit spikes to approximately ₹21000 on the day of listing, the buyer should get ₹6000.

How to Calculate Grey Market Premium?

Grey market premiums, or IPO GMPs, are exchanged before IPO listing. The estimate is based on corporate performance, grey market demand, and subscription possibility.

  • Assume share XYZ’s issue price is Rs 100.
  • The grey market premium of Rs 50 indicates that investors are willing to acquire XYZ shares for Rs 150.
  • This is an assumption; the listed price may differ from the grey market pricing.

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