Meetings on France 2: what is the family series worth with Laëtitia Milot and Loup-Denis Elion? – News Series on TV

Meetings on France 2: what is the family series worth with Laëtitia Milot and Loup-Denis Elion? – News Series on TV

After “Make kids” and “He already has your eyes”, France 2 launches tonight “Meetings”, a new family comedy led by Laëtitia Milot, Loup-Denis Elion, and Sara Martins. Does this series on living together deserve a detour?

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What is it about ?

When Chloé learns that Jérémy, her companion, inherited her “unknown” father’s hotel in Reunion, she sees it as an opportunity to start a new life with her blended family, far from Roubaix and their financial worries … She launches out with passion in the management of the hotel with the two half-brothers, one white, the other mestizo, who until now ignored their respective existence. Will Chloé succeed in recreating a new tribe?

Every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on France 2 from April 15

What does it look like ?

Who is it with?

A few months after the broadcasting on TF1 of Olivia, following the false airs of spin-off of La Vengeance with clear eyes, Laëtitia Milot is back on television in the role of Chloé Rivière, the heroine of Reunions, mother of a blended family determined to make a fresh start in the tropics. A character who allows her to return to the register of comedy, which she had already tried in A Baby for Christmas and certain intrigues of Plus belle la vie, and which should no doubt please her fans. By her side, in the skin of her husband Jérémy, the faithful of Scènes de household will find Loup-Denis Elion, recently seen in Pour Sarah, who thus obtains his first major recurring role on the small screen since his departure from the successful shortcom of M6 two years ago.

The rest of the main cast of this family choir series notably includes Nicolas Bridet (La Vie before them, You will be my son) in the skin of Jérémy’s half-brother, Antoine, and Sara Martins (Murders in paradise) in the role of Victoire, the latter’s wife who will not necessarily see very well the arrival of Chloé and Jérémy in the life of Antoine. Sparks guaranteed! But these four headliners are not the only known faces of Meetings since Pascal Légitimus and Eva Darlan complete this tribe for a few episodes.

Ronan Lechat / FTV / KWAI

Well worth a look ?

After Make kids and He already has your eyes, family comedies are definitely on the rise on France 2, proving that the chain is always determined to find its new Do not do this, do not do that. But can Reunions really succeed the adventures of the Lepics and the Bouleys in the hearts of the French? Not sure. However, on paper, this new series that we owe to the duo of screenwriters Isabelle Dubernet and Eric Fuhrer (Plus belle la vie, Demain lui nous) has all the assets to make viewers dream and make them laugh: heavenly decor, casting led by one of the most popular actresses of the small hexagonal screen (Laëtitia Milot), endearing characters representing all age groups, and starting situation – a father collapsing in financial problems inherits a neglected hotel by customers in Reunion and tries to put the establishment back on its feet with the help of the half-brother whose existence he was unaware of – rich in misunderstandings and inevitably tasty fights. But unfortunately, by deploying worn springs, this first season consisting of six episodes (before a season 2 if successful?) Struggles to fully convince.

After the first two episodes, which rather effectively lay the foundations of the narrative and make us discover a pretty tribe of characters that we quickly adopted, Meetings suffers from a (big) lack of originality. The intrigue, based on integration, divergences of education between the family of Jérémy and that of Antoine, secrets, and shenanigans and other small problems behind the scenes of the hotel, often sound like deja vu and the writers even end up repeating the same formula from one episode to another. So much so that one has the impression of being in front of a series that repeats itself and fails to pose real challenges for its characters. Not hilarious enough to function only as a sitcom, not “soap” enough to be a real family saga, Meetings is looking a little too much throughout its six episodes and ends up boring. A little disappointment as the heroes are endearing and the actors rather convincing overall (special mention to Nicolas Bridet, Sara Martins, and Nicolas Chupin, great in the role of Dom, the ex of Chloé and father of his two teenagers) .

Still, in this gloomy period of confinement and health crisis, the idyllic setting of the series, bathed in sunshine and sandy beaches, and the good humor that emerges from this family reunited by fate could well be enough to take away a good part of the viewers of France 2, from the moment when they are not too demanding and do not expect a new series of crazy inventiveness that will mark the history of television. We are far from a proposal of the caliber of Do not here, do not do that, but a little something of a wonderful family sometimes points the tip of its nose, at the turn of a character or a situation, and in the kingdom of family television comedies, there is worse as a “reference”.

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