Meet Gingko Light Bulb Table Lamp that Floats in Mid-Air

Remember Gingko Origami styled smart lamp that gained a lot of attraction in 2021. The beautiful lamp doubled as a hidden vase. Moving one step further towards achieving the perfect illusion, the UK based design brand Gingko has now introduced Evaro Teardrop Light bulb lamp that floats in mid-air. And, we are not making this up, because it literally does.

The floating light bulb table lamp will provide perfect ambiance for any space and will also add aesthetic value to any room. The lamp is poised on a wooden base that connects to power outlet. On the opposite end, there is a holder featuring powerful magnets that suspend the light bulb in mid-air and wirelessly transfers the power via magnetic induction.

The whole idea behind the project was to get rid of dull and drab table lamps and replace them with a functional and attractive lighting alternative.

So how does one switch this levitating table lamp on and off? Well, to turn it on, all you need to do is bring the light bulb closer to the holder and let magnets do the rest. To turn it off, gently detach the floating bulb, breaking the magnetic connection. Easy-peasy, right!

If you are wondering what to do when someone accidently hits the bulb. In case of such incident, the bulb will not fall on the ground rather it never drops due to magnetic power.

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Overall, this unique table bulb in wooden style will be an attention-grabbing addition to space. Designed in-house by Gingko Design in Warwick, UK, it can be availed at $179 from Gingko official website.

Gingko Evaro Teardrop Light bulb
Image: Gingko
Gingko Evaro Teardrop Light bulb
Image: Gingko

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