McCartney 3,2,1 on Disney +: what is the documentary series on the old Beatles worth?

Disney + unveils the McCartney 3,2,1 documentary series in which former Beatles Paul McCartney looks back on his extraordinary musical career.

What is it about ?

An intimate discussion between composer Paul McCartney and producer Rick Rubin. The singer looks back on his groundbreaking work with the Beatles and his 50+ years as a solo artist. The series covers the songwriting, influences and personal relationships that inspired McCartney’s iconic songs.

Well worth a look ?

Unconditional Beatles fans should not miss the McCartney 3,2,1 documentary series available on Disney + under any circumstances. Divided into six episodes, the program traces the career and the course of Paul McCartney, the opportunity to immerse yourself in his greatest successes both during his Beatles years and during his solo career.

In the studio with producer Rick Rubin, McCartney returns to his musical influences, cutting out some of his most famous pieces to dissect the sound of an instrument or a chord. More focused on the singer’s musical journey than on his childhood memories, McCartney 3.2.1 portrays an icon of pop music coupled with a genius of experimentation.

The form of the program is also original. Based only on a few archive images, the series takes place almost entirely in the studio, and in black and white, an aesthetic choice giving us the impression of being alongside the two interlocutors throughout the six episodes.

Mccartney 3,2,1 on disney +: what is the documentary series on the old beatles worth?


While providing enough benchmarks to be followed by any audience, the series is primarily aimed at Beatles fans. A good knowledge of the group’s repertoire indeed seems essential to fully appreciate the anecdotes surrounding the creation of emblematic hits such as Dear Prudence, Michelle or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

An open-ended conversation about the music, the influences and the birth of some of the greatest hits of the 20th century, McCartney 3.2.1 is a must-have and priceless documentary series that will thrill Beatles fans. If you thought everything had been said about the Liverpool quartet before, here’s more proof that the group will remain legendary until the end of time.

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