Introduction to Mattermost:

Mattermost is the brand new and cool alternative used by organizations. In a world fueled by digitization, it is essential that companies also collaborate in the virtual environment. Soft understood the need and so, in 2013, he created a digital workspace for employees to send messages privately or in groups, share files and integrate third-party programs. He entered the world of software as a service (SaaS) as a platform where developers, corporate employees and players can communicate with each other and in 2019 reported 10 million daily active users.

The strongest feature of the application is its extensive directory of third-party applications with more than 2,000 integrations. However, even with Enterprise Grid, it doesn’t deal with all workplace issues, which is why Mattermost became a strong competitor. Mattermost is an open-source private cloud messaging platform designed to keep business needs in mind and, in many ways, is superior to Slack. According to CEO Ian Tien, Mattermost is a creation “by developers for developers”.


Slack, which is the shortened version of Searchable journal of all conversations and acquaintances is a cloud-based SaaS messaging system designed to maintain online communication in the workplace. It has many redemption qualities, some of which keep an archive of all conversations that can be found later, sharing files, integrating applications, having an open API so that developers can create new applications for it. The plans are aimed at teams and companies. It is a good platform for companies looking for a more streamlined workflow and better communication between team members, and who have no ownership, privacy or security issues. It is also ideal for companies wishing to upgrade the messaging solution or integrate it into their existing systems. A business should choose Slack if it has the following things in mind:

  • Chat rooms organized by subject
  • Auto-messaging (usually used as a notepad or notepad for yourself)
  • Private groups
  • Direct messaging
  • File sharing
  • Extensive integration with a wide variety of tools
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Refined user experience
  • Syntax coloring
  • Overview of online links
  • Slackbot, an expandable chatbot
  • Several teams in the same workspace
  • IRC over SSL connectivity
  • Ability to create diagrams, flowcharts, UML and infographics
  • Proprietary cloud application
  • SCIM provisioning
  • Granular application management
  • SSO based on SAML
  • Data loss prevention support (Enterprise Grid)
  • Enterprise mobility management (Enterprise Grid)
  • e-Discovery (Enterprise Grid)

Most important:

An open source solution, Mattermost recognizes the organizational problems that most companies face with workspace communication tools regarding security, privacy, scalability and legal consent issues. The practical approach of the messaging platform is secure $ 50 million funding to create more plugins and integrations.

It has two versions –

It is a private cloud workspace solution designed for users with non-technical training but with the necessary IT skills. It equips on your desk and on mobile devices and integrates communication in the workplace in a unique environment. Mattermost is also equipped with instant search, robust archiving and a selection of third-party integrations.

It has all the features of Team Edition with some additional features such as advanced security and premium messaging. It also comes with options for scalability tools for users.

Most important deployment:

It can be deployed in private, public and hybrid clouds and is the optimal choice for businesses that need more of their messaging solutions. You can install it behind your firewall in a reliable environment with security settings. This will ensure that SaaS services cannot find out more about your business or activities.

This configuration also guarantees compliance with laws such as consumer data protection and the GDPR. These are the reasons why Tesla Motors decided to replace Slack with Mattermost for its developer team; it comes with more privacy, enterprise licenses, and private cloud security.

Since companies can access source code, APIs, drivers, open source integrations, samples, etc., they control the customization of the platform. The single tenant private cloud architecture also offers horizontal scaling and high availability. Uber needed a better messaging solution that could evolve as the business grew.

After testing the available options, Uber chose Mattermost because of its scalability, redundancy, privacy, and enterprise licenses. Uber created approximately 20,000 chatrooms that had the strength to support conversations between individual employees and between groups. The new and improved solution supports 32,000 users and handles around 700,000 messages each day.

Wargaming, chose Mattermost as a local workplace communication solution that can serve over 180 million players at a time. Its highly available and scalable architecture has allowed Wargaming to develop and evolve. You should choose Mattermost if you are looking for:

  • Self-hosted communication platform
  • Variable data retention
  • Advanced access controls
  • Native eDiscovery compliance support
  • Multilingual support
  • UI-UX customization
  • Security of any third party surveillance
  • Deployment of private cloud on Azure, AWS,
  • Single line Docker installation
  • Open tool
  • Custom themes
  • Markdown support
  • Transparent system updates
  • White label chat app


The ideal messaging solution for your business depends on your needs and preferences. When it comes to productivity, Slack is clearly superior, since it hosts more than 2,000 integrations, while Mattermost only has a few hundred.

Some small businesses may find Matter best suited for its out-of-the-box approach to messaging. Others may find the Enterprise Grid more accessible. Whatever your preferences, if there are concerns about content ownership, security, privacy, and you want scalability as you evolve, then Mattermost is for you.

AT Jobspikr and PromptCloud, we use certain plugins that allow better collaboration in the workspace, namely, Standup Raven and BBB. Standup Raven, a Mattermost plugin used to monitor the daily activity of employees. Big Blue Button or BBB is a business plugin used for video and audio conferencing. It allows you to add multiple people to the call and also has screen sharing options that allow you to show people your screen, you can even record calls for future reference.


By Vanniyar Adrian

Vanniyar Adrian is a seasoned journalist with a passion for uncovering stories that resonate with readers worldwide. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Ganesan has contributed to the media landscape for over a decade, covering a diverse range of topics including politics, technology, culture, and human interest stories.