Matte Black Kitchen Ideas, Inspirations and More!

Kitchen trends might be fleeting at times, but this one is here to stay for a long, long time. Matte black in the kitchen feels so very organic. Elegant and sophisticated, matte black kitchens have a way of separating themselves from the crowd. In the design and decorating world where neutral backdrops in white, gray and cream are the norm, matte black comes as welcome relief. Be it a kitchen entirely draped in matte black or one that just uses pops of the color to create contrast and visual interest, this kitchen trend is definitely for everyone.

Contemporary kitchen in black with a polished black backsplash
Image: design_anastasiya

When we talk about matte black kitchens, the obvious image that pops to mind is of a space filled with dark cabinets and countertops. Yet, there are many other ways in which you can add a hint of matte black magic to the kitchen without committing to the color fully. From minimal and contemporary to farmhouse and rustic, a smidgeon of black promises to cook up captivating magic in your kitchen. Time to go dark and dashing!

A sophisticated modern trend!

For over four decades now, black was a complete no-no in kitchens. It all started with midcentury modern and its clean, sleek design giving way to colorful and floral elements of the 70’s and the 80’s. Then came the 90’s when beige and cream took over with modern kitchens becoming the norm. At the start of the new millennium, white and gray were the most sought-after hues of the era with black only making a comeback of sorts in the last few years.

Combine black with deep blue in the kitchen
Image: Pettitt Design

There are many factors that have led to the re-introduction of black in the modern kitchen. A large part of it has to do with definition, sophistication and contrast the color brings. Black can both anchor a room and also highlight its best features. But it can also be used as the main protagonist in contemporary kitchens, creating an entirely different aura that is unprecedented.

Farmhouse style kitchen fully draped in black
Image: Unique Homestays

Perils of using black

So why do so many homeowners refrain from using black in the kitchen? The reasons are not too difficult to understand as the color, even in its matte version, must be utilized with great care. For starters, black takes away from ‘illumination’ of the room and this means you need a kitchen that is evenly and brightly lit. But this should not dissuade you from using black in the modern kitchen. A love for open-plan living and smart ventilation should allow you to comfortably work with the color.

Lighting plays a major role in the modern black kitchen
Image: Piqu

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Matte black kitchen cabinets

Cabinets in black might feel like a big risk in the small modern kitchen with limited space. But in reality, they bring a wonderful balance to an open-plan living by ensuring that the kitchen stands out from the crowd. You can just use a simple matte black paint coating for the kitchen cabinets and if you are worried about committing to the color fully, then start with just the lower cabinets and the island alone. Combing these black cabinets with open wooden shelves above is also a great solution for the smart, modern kitchen.

Painting the cabinets black in the small modern kitchen
Image: Totaste Studio
Polished contemporary kitchen in black and white
Image: JSE Interior Design
Striking matte black cabinets in the kitchen make a visual impact
Image: G. M. Roth Design Remodeling

Backdrop in matte black

Kitchen backdrop in black is much easier to pull off even in a space that is otherwise dominated by white and wood. You start with simple subway-tiled backsplash in black and at times you can even combine matte black finishes with brighter black shades. A black stone backsplash is much cooler and trendy in contemporary kitchens with chalkboard backsplashes coming in handy in homes with kids!

Tiles in black create a striking backsplash in this kitchen
Image: One to One Studio
Natural stone backsplash in black is just perfect for the modern kitchen
Image: Collaroy Kitchen Centre

Black sink, faucets and hardware

Faucets, handles, brackets and registers in black easily stand out in the modern neutral kitchen. They shape and anchor the space with a whole lot of black being thrown into the mix. Moving away from the metallic trend and bringing visual interest to the kitchen, black hardware and kitchenware make a big impact with minimal effort. Then you can replace your traditional white sink with a black drop-in sink for the picture-perfect look.

Black kitchen sink adds something different to the interior
Image: Amazon
Replace metallics with black in the modern kitchen
Image: Signature Hardware
Add a bit of black to the kitchen with faucets, hardware and sink
Image: Dornbracht

Eye-catching lighting fixtures

We already talked about how important lighting is in the black kitchen and you can even use the light fixtures themselves to add a bit of matte black to the space. Here, think of dashing black pendants above the kitchen island, black sconce in the corners or even a beautiful dark chandelier (Even though the last one is a bit of rarity). Black pendants easily adapt to a wide range of styles and add the ‘It factor’ to the modern kitchen.

Large pendants usher matte black into the white, bright kitchen
Image: Prada Interiors
Dashing black pendants for the modern kitchen
Image: Houzz

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