Matrix Resurrections: “movie of the year”, “empty”, “meta”, “weird” … US reviews are …

A few days before its release in theaters worldwide, the opinions of the American press on “Matrix Resurrections” appeared online. And Lana Wachowski’s film is likely to unleash passions.

The time has soon come to dive back into the Matrix! For the American press, it’s even already done, and the first opinions on Matrix Resurrections appeared online this Friday, December 17, a few days before the release of Lana Wachowski’s film in our theaters.

Without any spoilers for the plot and why Neo and Trinity are back, check out these early feelings that hint that, like Reloaded and Revolutions, The Matrix Resurrections will be dividing.

(“It’s not perfect. There are times of utter nonsense. But while Matrix Revolutions broke my heart, Matrix Resurrections… did the other thing. And I’m very happy for that.”)

(“Matrix Resurrections is without a doubt a sequel to The Matrix. Better than the previous two, it still pales in comparison to the original. Some of the ideas developed are interesting, and the cast can be counted on, but not much is showing. news here. Solid but disappointing. “)

(“Despite (or thanks to) its infinitely ridiculous side, Matrix Resurrections is the most daring and utterly personal Hollywood sequel since Star Wars – The Last Jedi. A crazy, heartfelt take on reboot culture that makes peace with the fact that modern blockbusters speak for themselves today. “)

(“There was a moment, in the middle of The Matrix Resurrections, where I briefly thought this was the best movie ever made. Without convincing myself that it was NOT? I loved it. ! A lot of people are going to hate it. My favorite kind of movie. “)

(“The first act of Matrix Resurrections is EXTRAORDINARY. Clever, funny, bizarre, self-referencing and unexpected. Add in some furiously inventive action sequences, noble storytelling decisions and a TON of huge ideas. Trust me, it will take several viewings. “)

(“Matrix Resurrections: Best Film of the Year? So edgy, so happy, so much fun.”)

(“Matrix Resurrections is almost 2.5 hours of empty exhibit with choppy action scenes reminiscent of Jason Bourne. It reuses too many images from previous ones and is meta to the point.”)

(“Matrix Resurrections is the blast. Weird, romantic, extremely meta, constantly funny. I quite loved it. (And everyone in this movie is incredibly sexy)”)

(“Matrix Resurrections is too self-aware. He makes fun of himself a little too much, very heavy when it comes to his love affair, with little action and noticeable highs, while it’s is what people want. Jonathan Groff is the best thing about it, but that’s just life at this point. “)

(“Matrix Resurrections is a comedy. The action is underwhelming and the new characters are thin. But the metatextual commentary is biting. The film struggles with its own legacy in Jurassic World, Bad Boys 3 and Ready Player One style. I prefer the first three, but it’s a wild swing. “)

(“Matrix Resurrections is great, awesome, meta and mind-blowing, totally aligned with the legacy of the franchise. It finds an innovative and conceptual way to bring a new story to life. The alchemy of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss is sizzling. Jessica Henwick is a revelation. “)

See you from December 22 (or from the previews the day before) to get your opinion!

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