Matrix 4: why is Lilly Wachowski not participating in the film?

Unlike the original Matrix trilogy, the fourth episode was not directed by four hands, but only by Lana Wachowski. Her sister, Lilly, recently explained why she chose not to be involved in the process.

Matrix 4: why is lilly wachowski not participating in the film?
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During a virtual press conference for the promotion of the series she writes and produces, Work in Progress, Lilly Wachowski was asked about her absence from Matrix 4. The director has indeed left the reins of the franchise that she co-created to her sister Lana for this fourth opus entitled Resurrections.


This is a difficult question. I had just made my transition, and I was completely exhausted because we had filmed Cloud Atlas, Jupiter: Fate of the Universe and the first season of Sense8 back to back. We took out one while preparing the next one at the same time. We are talking about shoots of more than 100 days each time“, she says.

And to continue: “I had just changed my gender, I was completely exhausted and my world was falling apart, in a way. My shell was breaking. So I needed to get away from this industry. I needed to reconnect with myself as an artist, and to do that I went back to school, did some painting and other stuff.


Lilly Wachowski then explained that the project itself did not tempt her:

[Lana] got this idea for another Matrix and we talked about it. We started discussing it in the midst of the death of our parents, first our father, then our mother, who left five weeks apart. There was something about the idea that felt like a step back, I had to go back to something that I had done in the past and it didn’t thrill me.

Then to complete: “I didn’t want to have made this transition, to have gone through such changes in my life, to be well aware of having lost my parents and to go back to something from the past, to find this road that I had already explored. It didn’t satisfy me emotionally. It was like putting on old shoes, I didn’t want that.

Lana did [Matrix 4] for different reasons… I can’t speak for her but this is what I was feeling at the time“, concluded the filmmaker before answering”Who knows ? May be“when we asked him if a future collaboration with his sister was still possible …

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Matrix 4: why is lilly wachowski not participating in the film?

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