Matrix 4: why doesn’t Laurence Fishburne play Morpheus?

Matrix Resurrections has just been released in theaters and spectators were able to discover a new colorful Morpheus! But why has Laurence Fishburne not donned the costume of this cult character again?

If you’ve been rushing to theaters to see The Matrix Resurrections on the day of its release, it hasn’t escaped your notice that Laurence Fishburne is not in the film’s cast. The actor, who played Morpheus in the original trilogy, is therefore not making a big comeback in the 4th installment, unlike Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss.

However, as we could already see from the trailers, this charismatic leader decked out in small round glasses is present in the film. The latter is now camped by Yahya Abdul Mateen II. The actor was revealed in the series The Get Down before exploding in the eyes of the general public as the villainous Black Manta in Aquaman. He has also appeared in Watchmen, The Chicago Seven and the recent Candyman.

But is this really a younger version of the character or rather an alternate version generated by a new Matrix? This is the legitimate question everyone was asking after seeing the first images of Lana Wachowski’s feature film. “It will really be a different iteration of the character”, explained the artist at the microphone of Entertainment Weekly.


“I play a character who knows the story of the Matrix as well as that of Morpheus. He’s on a journey of self-discovery. There is a lot of talk in our story about growing up and finding your way. And Morpheus is on a journey of self-discovery. is not exempt. Viewers will come to understand that there are several rules in the Matrix. Age, appearance, and things that we think are real can be manipulated. The Matrix is ​​where everything is possible”, he analyzed.

Matrix 4: why doesn't laurence fishburne play morpheus?

Neo VS Morpheus

On December 10, Yahya Abdul-Mateen outbid this in Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show: “I was not hired to replace Laurence Fishburne. When the film comes out, it will make sense, it will be cool”, he assured. Indeed, Lana Wachowski and Laurence Fishburne are not at all cold. The director just made the choice to evolve this character towards something else, as the film’s script explains.

Besides, Fishburne is not at all bitter not to be part of the adventure: “I was not invited. I wish them well. I hope it’s great.”, he hammered in the columns of Vulture. When we see Matrix Resurrections, we obviously understand why the appearance and age of Morpheus play a central role in the plot. Exploring the notion of “Deja-vu”, Lana Wachowski summons the spirit of Morpheus, always in search of Neo.


The latter recreated it as a combination of the personalities of Morpheus and Smith. He then hid it in a Modal (a simulation), which means that it doesn’t really exist within the Matrix, but can enter it as soon as he wakes up. Thus, he will apply himself to get Neo out of the Matrix once again by offering him the choice of the blue or red pill. It is he who will take Thomas Anderson out of his shell, awakening the Neo buried in him.

Matrix 4: why doesn't laurence fishburne play morpheus?

Blue or red pill?

The fact that Morpheus’ face is different is explained in the same way as for the fake Trinity at the beginning of the film. It is no longer the one we knew. The captain of the Nebuchadnezzar is indeed dead, as revealed by Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) by unveiling to Neo a statue of the hero erected in his honor.

Bugs (Jessica Henwick) also tells Neo that 60 years have passed since the events of Matrix Revolutions, which obviously explains Morpheus’ physical death and Niobe’s extremely aged appearance. In any case, this transformation of the character of Morpheus will have a crucial role within the story, bringing its share of breathtaking adventures, in particular on the sequence of the release of Trinity from the yoke of the machines.

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