Matrix 4: why did Lilly Wachowski refuse to perform Resurrections with Lana? -…

Matrix 4: why did lilly wachowski refuse to perform resurrections with lana? -...

At the end of the 90s, the Wachowskis were together making a trilogy that would quickly become cult: The Matrix. 20 years later, Lana Wachowski is alone on board the ship for the 4th part, her sister Lilly having remained at the quay. Why ?

Almost 20 years after the end of the Matrix trilogy, Lana Wachowski made the decision to put the cover back with a 4th episode called Resurrections. But unlike the first three films, this one is not produced in collaboration with his sister Lilly.

For did Lana Wachowski choose to take sole control of such a pharaonic company?

“That’s a tough question. I had just made my transition, and I was completely exhausted because we had filmed Cloud Atlas, Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe and the first season of Sense8 in a row. came out one while preparing the next one at the same time. We are talking about shoots of more than 100 days each time “, explained Lilly last August at the microphone ofEntertainment Weekly.

As for Lana, she obviously asked her sister if she wanted to accompany her in this crazy project to resuscitate the Matrix franchise. Indeed, if the filmmaker wanted to revive Neo and Trinity, it was largely to heal a deep wound caused by the loss of their parents. “Lilly refused, preferring to mourn her own time. She painted a lot at the time. It was writing the script that got me out of this tragedy.”, confides Lana in the columns of the magazine Première of December 2021.

Writing was a way to fill the void.

“Writing was a way to fill the void. Once finished, I had this story read to my wife who advised me to make the film”, she added. “Lana came up with this idea for another Matrix and we talked about it. We started discussing it in the midst of the deaths of our parents, first our father, then our mother, who left five weeks apart. . There was something about the idea that seemed like a step back to me, I had to go back to something that I had done in the past and it didn’t thrill me. “, adds Lilly Wachowski.

The latter therefore did not wish to plunge back into a saga that was over for her, preferring to move forward. “I didn’t want to have made this transition, to have gone through such changes in my life, to be well aware of having lost my parents and to go back to something from the past, to find this road that I had explored before. It didn’t satisfy me emotionally. It was like putting on old shoes, I didn’t want that. “, she revealed.

In addition, the two directors had indeed decided to leave Matrix behind them after Revolution, as revealed by Lana at the microphone of Première. “The trilogy was complete and we particularly liked its very simple, very elegant architecture, designed according to a dialectical model. We were very proud of this ending, which functions like a coda and gives a symphonic aspect to the whole.”, indicates the filmmaker.

One of the first rules I set for Matrix Resurrections was that there was no going back.

“So one of the first rules I set for Matrix Resurrections was that there was no going back. In the first trilogy, our gaze was forward-looking. We understood that the computers and the virtual were to become more and more important. So I did not see the point of coming back to agitate the same ideas twenty years later “, says Lana Wachowski.

If the director is alone aboard the Matrix 4 ship, Lilly is however credited in the credits as co-creator of the characters with her sister.

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