Matrix 4 Trailer: Those Saga References You May Have Missed

Revealed yesterday, the final Matrix Resurrections trailer contains its fair share of references to the original Wachowski trilogy. Zoom in on these moments that are sure to awaken the nostalgia of fans from the beginning.

It is on December 22 that Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) will make their return to the big screen. And fans ‘impatience with the Wachowskis’ work escalated yesterday with the web release of a breathtaking new trailer to say the least.

New images that promise spectacular action sequences but also summon the past with several scenes stuck directly to the original Matrix trilogy.

“We have time”

Warner Bos.

The trailer begins with the voice of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the new Morpheus, who declares: “Without knowing it, we are all stuck in strange loops”, on footage of such a loop. As Neo watches Trinity walk out of a cafe in the present, an image of Matrix Reloaded appears showing Trinity turning away.

This scene from the second episode comes after the two heroes exchange a kiss in an elevator that opens to a mass of people waiting for Neo, whom they see as their savior. As Trinity walks away, her partner asks her to stay because he “needs her”, to which she responds: “I know, we have time”.

A reference to the concept of time which seems to have all its importance in this 4th episode.

Agent Smith is back

Warner Bos.

Immediately afterwards, it is Jonathan Groff that we hear say: “Billions of people live their little lives in ignorance”. A line originally uttered by Hugo Weaving, aka Agent Smith, in the first Matrix, confirming that the Mindhunter actor is indeed playing a version of the villain. The original interpreter of the character also appears for a brief moment at this point in the trailer.

Sealed lips

Warner Bos.

Another scene from the first film is then shown: the one where during his interrogation by Agent Smith at the start of the feature film, Neo’s mouth seals, preventing him from speaking. An experience that did not fail to frighten the hero at the time.

In Matrix 4, it is the character of Groff that we see sealed lips. The latter appearing much less disturbed than Neo was by this ordeal.

Blue pill or red pill

Warner Bos.

There follows a reference to one of the most iconic scenes of The Matrix: the one where Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) explains to Neo the nature of his reality and offers him the choice to remain ignorant by taking a blue pill or to find out the truth. thanks to the red pill.

In the trailer, this moment is seen projected onto a giant screen in what appears to be the same room it took place in the first film. The character of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II then again offering Neo the red pill, confiding: “This is the time to show us what is real”.

The mirror

Warner Bos.

In The Matrix, Neo then plunged his fingers into a mirror while Morpheus asked him questions about his dreams: a sequence that can be found again in Matrix 4 after the Neo of the present touches said mirror.

This time, however, it is not in a capsule that he wakes up but in a completely white room where he says: “I remember that”, touching his head as if to look for the cable which was hooked to it. his awakening in the first episode.

Mr. Anderson

Warner Bos.

Later in the trailer, Jonathan Groff’s character screams in the rain “Mr. Anderson ”, the name Agent Smith from the original trilogy used to address Neo. We see once again Hugo Weaving himself utter the word. The past is therefore manifested again in the present.

“I haven’t forgotten kung fu”

Warner Bos.

Finally, the final seconds of the trailer show a fight between Neo and the new Agent Smith that ends with the hero proudly declaring, “I haven’t forgotten about kung fu”. An obvious reference to the cult line “I know kung fu” which proves that Keanu Reeves’ character has definitely not completely forgotten his past.

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