Matrix 4 divides! What do the press and spectators think of Resurrections?

Matrix 4 divides! What do the press and spectators think of resurrections?

Long awaited, “Matrix Resurrections” is finally in theaters. This sequel, directed by Lana Wachoswki, finds Neo and Trinity 18 years after the third film. In the press, as on the networks, opinions diverge.

Back in the Matrix. ” Almost 20 years have passed since the end of the trilogy. After several rumors around a sequel – and even a reboot – from the Warner Bros. studios, Lana Wachowski takes over the reins of her universe. She directs Matrix Resurrections, the fourth opus which finds Neo – or Thomas Anderson – again trapped in a reality that is not hers.

If the first Matrix of the name makes everyone agree, the other films of the Wachowski sisters have always divided. And, unsurprisingly, this Resurrections is no exception to the rule. It must be said that the director multiplies the risk-taking and radical narrative choices, especially in the first part. It overturns certain pre-established codes and overturns elements which seemed to have been acquired.

Also, this fourth film does not follow the same pattern as the usual blockbusters. The action scenes are less important here than in the previous opus, highlighting more the complexity of the characters and their feelings.

On the spectator side, what about? On social networks, where many people share their feelings at the end of the session, opinions are divided. There are those who worship and the others, much less.

“A little miracle”

A “unnecessary” film?

“Matrix Resurrections is incredibly bad. The film hits you on the head with “self-awareness” to excuse a lack of originality. The visuals, action, dialogue and staging are bland compared to the movie that started it all 22 years ago. Who asked for that?

I am deeply happy for those who will love Matrix Resurrections. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. It is better than Reloaded and Revolutions – which, let’s be honest, are not very good – but the film has bad stakes. Nothing matters, and not in a cool nihilistic way.

What about the press?

Review for the journal Positive and columnist for Le Cercle Cinéma on CANAL +, Philippe Rouyer is full of praise for the film: “True continuation with setting in abyss of the saga and meditation on the time, Matrix Resurrections seduced by its flamboyance and grabs us by its romanticism. ”

An enthusiasm that we find in Jacky Goldberg of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles : “No matter what its soft belly, as the film manages to impose, like its predecessors, prodigious visions that easily figure at the top of the basket of the great contemporary spectacular fair.”Sylvestre Picard, journalist at First, estimate that Lana wachowski made of this fourth film “A real manifesto of crazy richness”.

On the home side Release, Luc Chessel presents the blockbuster as a cerebral work “on digital capitalism carried by a formal and talkative madness without equivalent, fable-labyrinth of our virtual times”.

More mixed reviews for Le Figaro, newspaper in which Olivier Delcroix points to a film “sometimes awkward, a bit confused in his mise en abyme, without being too conscious of himself”. Jérémie Couston from the magazine Telerama criticizes the director for deploying “a lot of jokes and a little too much tedious effects”.

Le Nouvel Observateur believes that “the queer and emancipatory subtext was stronger in the original than in this vaguely postmodern, ugly and opportunistic porridge, signed by Lana alone”, Writes Nicolas Schaller.

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