Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix: what is the sequel to the cult cartoon of the 80s worth?

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” is available on Netflix! What is the sequel orchestrated by Kevin Smith (“Clerks”) to the cult cartoon of the 80s worth?

What is it about ?

35 years after the original series ended, Musclor and his comrades return to battle against the fierce hordes of Skeletor. Teela reunites the team to solve the mystery of the Sword of Power in a race against time to restore Eternia and prevent the end of the universe.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation, a series created by Kevin Smith – Available on Netflix

“By the power of the ancestral skull!”

The Masters of the Universe are back this Friday, July 23 on Netflix! The cult cartoon of the 80s, derived from the eponymous range of figurines, comes back to us not in the form of a reboot or any remake, but indeed via an official sequel, orchestrated for the occasion by the filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, model employees).

As the title suggests, Masters of the Universe: Revelation opens with the discovery of the dual identity of Prince Adam, aka Musclor. Against Skeletor, the bodybuilder hero does not hesitate to sacrifice his own life to save the kingdom of Eternia. An act of bravery which therefore serves as a common thread to the plot of this first part composed of barely five episodes.

A good series is always based on a good concept and Masters of the Universe: Revelation is no exception: by choosing to make Musclor and his sworn enemy Skeletor disappear from the first episode, this first part thus gives more importance to the more secondary characters of the license, in particular its female protagonists, Teela, the daughter of the Master. weapons, and Demonia, Skeletor’s former ally now completely emancipated from the latter.

Masters of the universe revelation on netflix: what is the sequel to the cult cartoon of the 80s worth?


Women take power in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

But it is also through this that the series allows viewers who have not seen the original cartoon to grasp all the subtleties of the mythology of the Masters of the Universe. A master stroke that allows the license to rise from its ashes by capturing a whole new generation of viewers, more than thirty-five years after its creation.

In addition to its links to the original series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation turns out to be extremely pleasant to follow: thanks to a controlled rhythm, and a clever mix of humor and action, this first part is devoured at high speed. Kevin Smith fans will also find the paw of the filmmaker in the perfectly crafted dialogues from the series.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 therefore brilliantly succeeds in its mission to bring a major franchise back to the fore. The second part of the series, already announced by Netflix, does not yet have a release date.

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