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The horror thriller Mastemah is released this Wednesday, June 29 in our theaters. The feature film is led by Camille Razat, seen in the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

First French feature film Didier D. Daarwin (who co-directed the TV movie Conte de la frustration avec Akhenaton in 2008 and the musical documentary Marseille Capitale Rap – D’IAM à JUL in 2020), mastemah is a horrifying thriller that follows Louise, a young psychiatrist who tries to rebuild herself after the brutal death of a loved one during a hypnosis session she hosted.

The young woman will then settle in a small village in Aubrac. But the arrival of a new patient with strange behavior will plunge her into a downward spiral. His life and those of others will become a real hell.

Prohibited for children under 12, this film is carried by Camille Razatthe revelation of the Netflix series Emily in Paris, Olivier Barthélemy dylan robert and Feodor Atkin.

Mastemah, which means “animosity, enmity, the one who refuses to be what he is” in Hebrew, was filmed in Aubrac. The region is a character in its own right in the film.

For the director,Aubrac can make you think of the steppes of Mongolia, the moors of Scotland or Ireland. Very few regions have changed so little over the centuries, time does not alter anything and it is thanks to these immutable landscapes that the film is deliberately atemporeI.”

He adds in the film’s press kit, “The region, which is a character, is also very cinematic, with a western side, like the great plains of the West where dramas are tied, passing from dark forests to the lunar aridity of high plateaus dotted with blocks of granite thrown there as if by chance.”

Mastemah: camille razat in a horror film at the antipodes of emily in paris - actus ciné
Etienne Barret

Olivier Barthélemy

A feeling of isolation that gives the feature film a special atmosphere.

The film plays until the end on the border between psychiatry and mysticism. Didier D. Daarwin wanted to cast doubt. He explains “While avoiding easy effects, I wanted to suggest the idea that this house is inhabited, just as the region can be. There are places where one has the feeling that the stone and the atmosphere are charged with energies. (…)

The house is charged with the presence of Louise. So, without any excess of special effects, I wanted to convey the energies that inhabit this house and emanate from Louise – through sounds, organic phenomena, moving”

Actors involved

Olivier Barthelemy and Camille Razat carry this French genre film.

Olivier Barthélemy, who embodies Théo, arrived very quickly on the project. The filmmaker explains:Our meeting with Olivier was mutually obvious. He fought with us for two years to bring the project to fruition and he became an essential partner in the film. We had time to shape the contours of the character and, with him, everything was fluid. He really is a great actor..”

Mastemah: camille razat in a horror film at the antipodes of emily in paris - actus ciné
Etienne Barret

Camille Razat

Finding the interpreter of Louise, on the other hand, was more complicated and it was finally Olivier Barthelemy who convinced Camille Razat to play alongside him. If the latter had never before shot together in front of the camera, the two actors already knew each other.

Didier D. Daarwin explains: “As luck would have it, Olivier was a friend of photographer Étienne Baret, Camille Razat’s companion. Two months into the shoot, when we hadn’t yet found the female lead role, Olivier had Camille read the script, the text and the theme appealed to her and she immediately agreed to play Louise.”

Mastemah: camille razat in a horror film at the antipodes of emily in paris - actus ciné
Etienne Barret

Camille Razat

A role at the antipodes of Emily in Paris

The character of Louise is that of a tormented woman, in full mourning, who decides to isolate herself and start from scratch, far from everything. A character at the antipodes of the luminous Frenchy that she embodies in the Emily in Paris series.

The director says about him:She is also a formidable professional, a real war machine. (…) She agreed to play a role at the antipodes, in which she threw herself body and soul, on the verge of rupture.

It was smart, strategic and daring of him in his young career. (…) It was a long and trying journey for her because she was really going through this slow descent into hell, but her demands and her investment served the film.

The actress resumes her role as Camille in the third season of Emily in Paris, whose filming began at the beginning of June.

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