Mass Effect: after The Witcher, Henry Cavill hero of the video game adaptation?

Would Henry Cavill have announced his participation in the Mass Effect project, adaptation of the successful video game? At the turn of a seemingly innocuous Instagram post, the actor left a clue that strongly suggests.

Mass effect: after the witcher, henry cavill hero of the video game adaptation?

After giving life to Geralt De Riv, an emblematic character of the video game saga The Witcher, will Henry Cavill lend his features to another protagonist from the video game world?

On Instagram, the comedian posted a photo of himself in front of a mirror, probably in a makeup session. In the foreground, in the blur, we can see a stack of sheets.

“A secret project? Or just a handful of sheets with random words. I think you’ll have to wait before you find out.”, comments the actor.

These sheets appealed to the smart people of the site GamePressure. The editorial team managed to decode a few words present in the vague document presented by Cavill. Using software called Focus Magic, they were able to decipher the terms Cerberus, Tali’Zorah and Geth. The site IGN also did the manipulation, confirming the result obtained by GamePressure.

Fans of the Mass Effect saga will have recognized characters from video games. According to IGN, the text presented by Henry Cavill would come from the page Wikipedia American Mass Effect 3, in which we can read:

“Following the events on Tuchanka and a failed coup by Cerberus to take over the Citadel, the quarians offer their support to the Alliance if Shepard helps them reclaim their homeworld, Rannoch, from the geth. Assisted by a quarian, either Tali’Zorah or Admiral Daro’Xen, Shepard boards a geth dreadnought and rescues a captive geth unit, either Legion or a facsimile occupied by a geth virtual intelligence (VI), then disables the Reaper control signal over the geth. “

Created by Bioware, Mass Effect is an action-RPG video game series set in a sci-fi universe. Its hero is Commander Shepard, who could therefore be played by Henry Cavill in the film adaptation (or in series). However, it would appear that this project, old sea serpent in the boxes for 10 years, is rather intended for the big screen.


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