Maryland woman wins Pick 5 using license plate numbers

Forget lucky numbers; one Maryland woman won $50,000 after using her license plate number in the Pick 5 lottery repeatedly for months, according to the Maryland Lottery.

Markietta Robertson continued to play the 5 numbers on her license plate every month since Pick 5 sales started in Maryland in 2022. Less than a year later, Robertson won the top prize on a $1 straight bet.

Her license plate number won the draw on Jan. 12. Robertson said she just hollered after checking her ticket and noticing she won.

Maryland woman wins Pick 5

“I double-checked using the Lottery app and then I jumped into my husband’s arms,” she said.

When she had gone into Marlton Liquors in Upper Marlboro, where she had bought the winning ticket, to verify her win, her husband reminded her that if she had placed a Pick 5 box bet, she would have won money on that too.

“Would you believe she threw the ticket away?” her husband said.

She also won an additional $400 on a 50-cent box bet, the press release said. However, Robertson threw the ticket away earlier that day.

They fled home to retrieve the ticket from the trash.

Robertson later claimed her prize and told the lottery the money would go toward bills and savings.

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