Mary Poppins: the surprising theory around her origin

What if the Banks family nanny shared the same origins as another famous pop culture character? As “The Return of Mary Poppins” airs today on M6, take a look at the fan theory.

As The Return of Mary Poppins airs tonight on M6 (followed by the feature debut released in 1964), let’s take a look at the origins of the famous nanny with supernatural powers. Where can this mysterious heroine come from, who arrives in London with a kite (or an umbrella), who manages to store coat racks in her handbag, and who can give life to the earthenware of a pottery?

According to a funny theory posted by a certain SiliconLemming on the forum Reddit, Mary Poppins would actually hail from Gallifrey, the same planet as the famous Doctor Who. In order to support its puzzling thesis to say the least, SiliconLemming has of course listed a few arguments, listing the points in common between the housekeeper and the Time Lord:

  • both rather haughty and pretentious by nature when confronted with other characters, Mary Poppins and the Doctor Who are frequent travelers. They seem particularly drawn to British culture, regularly going to the same destination: London.
  • Their dress style is also very similar: an outfit often well prepared, a long coat and a small bow tie.
Mary poppins: the surprising theory around her origin

BBC / Walt Disney Pictures

  • On the prop side, the umbrella that allows Mary Poppins to fly and with which she chats could be considered her own sonic screwdriver.
  • As for his travel bag, much deeper inside than it looks on the outside, it works a bit like the famous TARDIS, the Doctor’s phone booth which actually hides a space vehicle. -temporal.
  • Much like the Doctor, Mary Poppins does not appear to be affected by the effects of the weather, but sometimes changes her face on occasion.
  • And finally, still like the Doctor, Mary Poppins usually leads the people she tries to help on extraordinary adventures.

What do you think ? Are Mary Poppins and Doctor Who from the same planet? Did the first serve as an inspiration to create the second? Is this theory totally far-fetched? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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