Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cardinal Raker invites himself in a new game trailer

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After being unveiled on June 13, the game “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”, developed by studio Eidos Montreal and expected for next October, reveals a new trailer, introducing a new character: Cardinal Raker.

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy: cardinal raker invites himself in a new game trailer
Eidos Montreal / Square Enix

On June 13, the publisher Square Enix unveiled in a video conference its line-up of upcoming games, during the 100% digital edition of the E3 show. The highlight of his lecture was the presentation of the game Guardians of the Galaxy, which has been rumored for a while that the studio Eidos Montreal was maneuvering behind a new Marvel game.

After the character of Lady Hellbender, appeared in the comics in 2015 and present in the first images of the game, the studio reveals in a new trailer a new character. In this case the Great Unifier Raker, known in the comics as Cardinal Raker, who works for the Universal Church of Truth. And, of course, this one will get in the way of the Guardians of the Galaxy …

As a reminder, Marvel‘s Guardians of The Galaxy is expected, except postponement, on October 26th.

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