Marvel vs DC: James Gunn analyzes their differences in method

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Kevin Feige’s MCU has taken the place of the western and the 30s to 50s serial, so Corentin is following this take-over with attention. Writing the FanZone show for years made him dig into the secrets of this multi-platform connected universe never before seen in the history of cinema.

Director James Gunn has spoken about the differences in working method between Warner / DC for which he has just completed “The Suicide Squad” and Marvel Studios for which he brought to the screen “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Marvel vs DC James Gunn analyzes their differences in method
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Director James Gunn is on promotion for his film The Suicide Squad, which premiered at DC Comics after two Guardians of the Galaxy feature films at Marvel Studios. In interview with the New York Times, he confided what he said marked the difference between the two entities:

[Les films DC] start to look like their comics. At Marvel, it’s always been more consistent, and DC has always had better oneshot story arcs, with The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, The Killing Joke, or Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.

“(…) What I do at Marvel is different from what Peyton reed, Jon favreau or Taika Waititi, but it’s not as different as Shazam! east of Suicide Squad. I believe that the people currently at Warner are interested in creating a world and something unique to every filmmaker. (…) “

In parallel, Gunn clarified what was the main difference of work between the producers of Warner and that of the great chief of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige:

There is no doubt that Kevin Feige is much more involved in the editing than the folks at Warner Bros. He’s sending more memos. They do not have the force of law and I do not always accept them (…).

“If you watch the first cut of the Guardians [de la galaxie], remembers the director, “He had more problems because it was the first time I had done something this huge and I learned what worked and what didn’t, by cutting out what was extra.”

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Star-Lord of “Guardians” and Harley Quinn of “The Suicide Squad”

“The truth is, as Marvel believes and Kevin Feige becomes the co-owner of all films, he tends to withdraw.”

Are Marvel filmmakers going to be able to put more of their marks on future MCU feature films? The recent recruitments of Sam Raimi (Doctor Strange 2), of Nia DaCosta (The Marvels) or of Chloé Zhao (The Eternals) will they allow the MCU to turn to this “single paw” that Warner / DC is also looking for? To be continued…

After leaving The Suicide Squad on July 28, James Gunn will return to Marvel to prepare a Holiday Special dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney + (2022), before a third opus which will be dedicated to them in cinema in May 2023.