Marvel: Thor 4 modified because of Harry Potter

In Thor: Love And Thunder, the God of Thunder played by Chris Hemsworth fights the evil Gorr camped by Christian Bale. But his look is different from the one he wears in the comics. And this change was made because of Harry Potter!

New movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love And Thunder signs the fourth solo adventure of the character embodied by Chris Hemsworth. As he accompanies the Guardians of the Galaxy on missions, Thor will have to take responsibility and save his family from a terrible threat.

He will find his companions Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi) but also Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), his ex-girlfriend, who became Mighty Thor thanks to Mjolnir, the ancient hammer of Thor! And the new abilities of the astrophysicist will not be too much to defeat the terrible Gorr (Christian Bale), also called the Butcher of the Gods.

Christian Bale Horrified by Gorr’s Comic Book Character

For his first foray into the Marvel universe, Christian Bale plays an iconic villain from the world of Thor. But the actor was rather worried about the appearance of the Butcher of the Gods in the comics. Indeed, Gorr has a particular costume in the comics, he wears a cape and a kind of thong. And this outfit scared the former interpreter of Batman.

Christian Bale alerted director Taika Waititi to the issue, which quickly cleared up any misunderstandings, according to the actor who confided in Total Movie : “I thought, ‘They’ve got the wrong guy for this’. And then Taika quickly brushed that idea off. could put whatever he wants in there later.”

Taika Waititi didn’t want the public to think about Voldemort

Finally, Christian Bale was treated to a fairly sober costume for his interpretation of Gorr in Thor: Love And Thunder. Son Gorr has a human appearance, has very white skin and wears a long hooded robe. And to kill the gods, he uses a sword called the Necroblade.

We are far from the character of the comics who is a kind of alien with organic extensions of his body and a weapon that comes out of his hand to kill the gods. And if Taika Waititi changed Gorr’s appearance between the comics and the film, it’s for a very specific reason.

Marvel Thor 4 modified because of Harry Potter
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The director didn’t want the audience to think of Voldemort, Harry Potter’s great enemy, when seeing Gorr on screen. He explained to IGN that he was afraid people would compare him to the villain played by Ralph Fiennes:

“Unfortunately, his face in the comics kind of looks like Voldemort’s. So I thought people were bound to make the connection. essential elements – especially his sword. It was especially his story that was important to us.”

The character itself and his story are what motivated Christian Bale to accept this role, in addition to the pressure of his children. Although already familiar with the world of superheroes and super-villains, the actor had no particular interest in joining the Marvel Universe. He didn’t even know what it really was, if we are to believe his words for:

“I was reading that, and people were like, ‘Oh, look at that! He got into the MCU!’ And I was like, ‘I did what? I didn’t get into that thing, thank you very much. I wondered what it was and I had to ask the question to find out what it meant.’

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