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American actor John Leguizamo has just revealed that he should have played the character of the Vulture in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. But we made it clear to him that he had to withdraw…

John Leguizamo in the Vulture costume? It was something almost heard. The American actor, seen recently on the poster of the Menu and Violent Night, has just revealed at the microphone of the ComicBook site that he should have played the villain of the Marvel movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. But we kindly made him understand that he had to withdraw in favor of Michael Keaton!

John Leguizamo entered negotiations when those with Michael Keaton failed. But not everything went exactly as planned. “I was supposed to play the Vulture”he says. “We had negotiated, I was going to play the character, but they told me that Keaton wanted the role back. They then asked me if it was possible for me to give up.”

“I said, ‘Ok, let’s say that I give up’, and they told me that we were still going to work together. That’s what happened”, continues the 62-year-old comedian. According to Leguizamo, Sony studios then offered him “something tiny” which he refused.

John Leguizamo therefore had it a little bad, with the impression of having been well taken in. On Instagramthe actor thus regretted the behavior of the studio while taking a step back on the subject. “They used me as a pawn but I should have said ‘no’ because we had agreed”he ruminates. “There was a way for me to sue, but I’m not the litigious type.”

In the end, it is therefore Michael Keaton who will play the character of the Vulture facing Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming, released in theaters in 2017.

Michael Keaton will be back as Batman in “The Flash”:

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