Marvel: “the cinemas might not exist without these films” for Jared Leto – Actus…

Cinemas might not exist without Marvel, according to Jared Leto. The actor, currently promoting the film Morbius, spoke about the future of the cinema. A statement nevertheless to qualify as far as France is concerned.

Marvel: "the cinemas might not exist without these films" for jared leto - actus...

Soon to be showing Morbius (in theaters March 30), the new Marvel feature film for which he is multiplying interviews around the world, Jared Leto has expressed his concerns about the future of cinemas. “If it weren’t for the Marvel movies, I’m not sure movie theaters would still exist.“: interviewed by the American magazine variety, the actor made comments that could make people react. “I don’t think there’s room for everyone“, he added, and “this is starting to break my heart a bit“.

Whoever also portrayed the Joker in DC Comics’ Suicide Squad shares his gratitude for superhero movies because they “keep cinema alive“. And to add “It is a privilege to be one of the few films that support cinema“. Remember that Jared Leto was also recently on the bill for House of Gucci by Ridley Scott. He was also in the credits of An affair of details, released directly on VOD in France, in March 2021. In this interview, the actor also stresses the importance of having gone to the cinema when he was young: “I know how important it was as a kid… to escape to the movies. This cultural experience was quite rich and impactful. I saw movies at the cinema that changed my life“, he continues.

This statement, noticed and fatalistic, is however to qualify, in particular with regard to the French market. Thus, as Julien Marcel, general manager of AlloCiné / The Boxoffice Company, author of the book Hollywood Year Zero, points out, “there is a phenomenon of Marvelisation, in other words the concentration of an increasing share of attendance on an increasingly restricted number of titles, on a specific category of films, namely superheroes. It is a phenomenon that we can observe almost everywhere, but at different levels. This is at its peak in the United States, and to a lesser extent in France“.

Indeed, the pandemic has accelerated a pre-existing trend, namely the overwhelming weight of superhero films in the global market, leaving very little room for any other type of cinema. Recent global hits confirm this: Spider-Man: No Way Home, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Venom: Let There be Carnage and Black Widow. At the US box office, five Marvel films slipped into the first six places of the 2021 annual ranking, while at the same time, films like West Side Story by Steven Spielberg, The Last Duel by Ridley Scott or Nightmare Alley by Guillermo del Toro have had difficulty meeting the public, particularly in the United States.

As always, the crisis is accelerating and amplifying trends. But that’s not new. The difference between the French structure and the American structure remains particularly true“, continues Julien Marcel. “It’s a fact: the cinema industry in the United States, as in France, cannot function without blockbusters. It’s an industry that needs big locomotives to pull the whole sector. It is certain that without these films, certain theaters would be closed. Without the Hollywood studios, there would not be a film industry as we know it..”

From there to seeing a sector threatened in the absence of superheroes, blockbusters and others tentpole movies (a film that supports the financial performance of a film studio)? “We must be careful not to have a catastrophic discourse on the rooms“, concludes Julien Marcel. “The issue of concern today is the ripple effect of one film over all the others. It will take a few blockbusters to get the whole machine going again. Finally, the awareness of our American colleagues leads us to say that there is something virtuous in the French model, and that they are probably looking at it with a new eye today.“.

A virtuous French model worn by the famous “cultural exception“, made possible thanks, in particular, to the TSA (* tax on admission to cinematographic performance halls paid to the benefit of the National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image): “Distributors, legitimately, are worried about the low appetite for so-called ‘middle’ films, but despite everything, the success of a big film in theaters involves the whole sector and contributes to its economy.“.

Morbius will be released in France on March 30:

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