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Discover several of the cult moments between Loki and Thor in the Marvel films, between betrayal and complicity.

Marvel the best scenes of Thor Loki Actus
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Loki saves his stepbrother

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At the start ofAvengers: Infinity War, Thanos attacks the ship carrying the inhabitants of Asgard, Thor, Loki and Hulk. He defeated and holds Thor’s head in his right hand and threatens him with the Power Stone, which can kill him. Facing him, Loki is also beaten and creates a diversion. It makes the Tessaract appear, which everyone thought was destroyed.

Thanos is captivated, and Loki glances at his half-brother:

I swear to you my brother, that we will regain our splendor.

He takes advantage of this moment to bring out the Hulk, quickly defeated. This fight grants Heimdall a break, however (Idris Elba) to send Hulk to warn Earth of Thanos’ arrival. Heimdall and Loki are killed by the Mad Titan, who retrieves the Space Stone and leaves with his bodyguard. The sacrifice of the god of deception will not have been in vain, and he thus saved Thor’s life.

The “help me” tactic

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Clearly proven, the “help me” strategy is a routine tactic for Thor and Loki. It consists of the second pretending to be injured and unconscious, held by the shoulder by the god of thunder. It is then enough to approach its possible adversaries, and to throw over to them the one who plays the wounded. Child’s play, in every sense of the word. Finally, Asgardian children, that goes without saying!

The deceived deceiver

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When Thor and Loki make an alliance for a little while, we always wonder if the god of mischief doesn’t have one last trick up his sleeve to play his half-brother. Several times, Thor was deceived by the trust he had placed in his brother, believing in his redemption. Still noticing that he had been manipulated.

In this context, what a pleasure to see Loki in turn being fooled by Thor. As they prepare to board a ship in Thor: Ragnarok, Loki splits and starts playing a trick on his half-brother, as usual. Except this time, Thor has his back and neutralizes Loki with a stun gun, leaving him in place. Such is taken who thought he was taking!

A fraternal hug (or almost)

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At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, decidedly very focused on the relationship between the two characters, Thor is in his cabin of the Statesman, the ship transporting the survivors of Asgard. Loki walks in and points out to Thor that his eye patch fits him pretty well. During the film, while fighting Hela (Cate Blanchett), the god of thunder indeed found himself blind.

Thor replies: “maybe you’re not so bad, basically, little brother”. “Maybe not”, adds Loki. Then Thor says:

Thanks. If you were really there, I would take you in my arms.

He then throws the cork of a crystal bottle at Loki, thinking that he is only an illusion and that the object will pass through him. Except that Loki catches the cork by declaring: “I’m here”. Did the hug take place offscreen? Did the two brothers take the opportunity to share this moment? Director Taika Waititi leaves room for doubt and continues with Thor taking power as king of Asgard and his departure for Earth.

But it allows us to imagine the resolution of this scene of complicity between the two characters as we wish.

As for the new adventures of Thor, Love and Thunderthey land in the cinema on July 13th.

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