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Disney + unveils the first episodes of its documentary series “Legends of Marvel Studios”, dedicated to the two Avengers Scarlet Witch and Vision!

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The Disney Plus platform unveils its brand new documentary series, Legends of Marvel Studios, on January 8. Two seven-minute episodes are offered from the launch of the program: one devoted to Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), the other to Vision (Paul Bettany), both essential members of the super-heroic team of the Avengers.

It will be understood, each of the episodes retraces the journey of the characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For fans, this program will therefore be synonymous with nostalgia, while spectators who hope to be able to join the bandwagon with the release on January 15 of the WandaVision series will benefit, for their part, from a complete summary of the four cinematographic opuses. of the Avengers.

There is no doubt that the next episodes of the series will be devoted to Falcon and the Winter Soldier as well as to Loki, also heroes of their own series this year on Disney Plus.

The documentary series Marvel Studios Legends is now available exclusively on Disney +!

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