Marvel: Spider-Man, X-Men 97, Echo … all series announced at Disney + Day! – News …

To celebrate the 2 years of the platform, Disney + organized, this Friday, November 12, the Disney + Day. The opportunity for the studios to unveil new information on their Marvel projects. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

Marvel: spider-man, x-men 97, echo... All series announced at disney + day! - news...
Disney +

Two years are worth celebrating! To celebrate Disney + Day, the platform has unveiled a lot of information on its upcoming projects until 2023. On the Marvel side, some great announcements have been made and the first images have been unveiled. AlloCine offers you the summary of what not to miss in superheroes.

Exclusive announcements

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

While the third installment of Spider-Man is due out on December 15, Spider-Man will also return in an animated series exclusively available on Disney +. Entitled Freshman Year, this project will follow Peter Parker’s first steps after high school in a style that will find the very essence of the first comics. For the moment, no release date, but a first logo unveiled by the studios. Will Tom Holland lend his voice to the hero for this new chapter? Patience…

X-Men ’97

New animated series for the X-Men. This new project will actually be a sequel to the famous fiction of the nineties and will find the characters where viewers left them at the end of season 5. No remake or from revival therefore, enough to reassure nostalgic fans. For the release, it will be necessary to wait: Wolverine and his band will not return before 2023. To wait, Disney + has unveiled the first logo of the series.

Confirmed series

Agatha: House of Harkness

He was one of the stars of the WandaVision series! The witch Agatha Harkness will indeed be back in her own series, still played by Kathryn Hahn, nominated at the 2021 Emmy Awards for her performance. The news had already been around the Internet, but nothing confirmed until this announcement from Disney +, which took the opportunity to unveil a mysterious logo, in the colors of the character. No release date announced.


While the Hawkeye series arrives on Disney + on November 24, the Echo spin-off is confirmed on the platform side. The series will center on the deaf heroine Maya Lopez, played by Alaqua Cox. The latter will appear for the screen premiere in Hawkeye, alongside Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. No release date announced, but a first logo.

Marvel zombies

After What If…?, Marvel continues its dive into animation with Marvel Zombies. First announced as a film, the project will ultimately be an animated series that will take superheroes into a post-apocalyptic world. The opportunity for the studios to move towards a more horrific genre? No release date announced for the moment.

Ms. Marvel

The release of Ms. Marvel comes as no surprise, but Disney + Day confirmed the release date for the series. First scheduled for fall 2021, then postponed to the end of 2022, it will be released during the summer of 2022, close to the fourth installment of Thor. First images have been unveiled in a Marvel montage made for Disney + Day.

What If …?, Season 2

Disney + confirmed it: the animated series What If…?, which offers characters unforeseen trajectories, will indeed be entitled to a second season.

Logos and images

Moon knight

The filming of the Moon Knight series, starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, has been completed. To keep fans waiting before a release date is announced, Disney + has unveiled first images in a video montage to celebrate Marvel productions on Disney +.


Like Moon Knight, no release date for She-Hulk, but first images unveiled for Disney + Day. The opportunity to discover – briefly – the first glimpse of the actress Tatiana Maslany in the skin of the character alongside Mark Ruffalo. Disney + also unveiled a brand new logo.


New logo also for the Ironheart series which will be centered on Riri Williams, heroine who succeeds Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor. No release date, no visual, but it is the actress Dominique Thorne who will play the major role of this expected project.

Secret Invasion

First red, the Secret Invasion logo finally turns green. Little information on this new series, except a prestigious cast: Samuel L. Jackson – still in the costume of Nick Fury -, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman or Ben Mendelsohn.

I Am Groot

Still without an official release date, the I Am Groot series will feature a collection of short films about one of the most endearing characters in the Marvel universe.

On the occasion of Disney + Day, discover La Loge, in partnership with AlloCine :

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