Marvel Secret Wars: how Avengers 6 can be stronger than Endgame? – Cinema news

Its release is not expected until the end of 2025. But it is not too early to look into “Secret Wars”, the announcement of the adaptation of which did not fail to thrill Marvel fans.

The rumor came back with insistence, it is now confirmed: there will be a fifth and a sixth Avengers film, respectively titled The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, and scheduled for April 30 and then November 5, 2025 in France. The first should be done by Destin Daniel Cretton (Shang Chi) while the second is still waiting to (make) known his director.

But the mere mention of words “Secret” and “Wars” side by side was enough to make fans jump. And there is reason, because it is one of the most memorable stories in the Marvel catalog that the MCU will tackle. There’s still a little time before the release, but it’s not too early to find out about it.


First of all, you should know that the term “Secret Wars” designates two stories from the House of Ideas. The one published between 1984 and 1985 first of all, known in France under the name “The Secret Wars”, which is Marvel’s first-ever crossover. Without the slightest warning sign, twenty superheroes and a dozen of their enemies disappear from Earth, to reappear in a world called Battleworld.

The author of this great gathering is none other than the Beyonder, a powerful and mysterious entity, who addresses everyone in these terms: “I come from beyond. Defeat your enemies, and your wishes will come true. There is no dream I cannot fulfill.” The characters present on the spot are then divided into two camps, respectively led by Captain America and Doctor Doom, who quickly abandons the idea of ​​confrontation to try to unlock the secrets of their host, who has shown himself capable of getting rid of of Galactus, another sworn enemy of the Fantastic 4, with great ease.

During this event, Professor Xavier regains the use of his legs. The Fantastic 4 sport a new outfit. And Spider-Man returns with a black costume, which will turn out to be due to a symbiote, and will then give birth to Venom, then Carnage.

Marvel secret wars: how avengers 6 can be stronger than endgame? - cinema news
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Will the Beyonder appear in the cinema?

Released between 2015 and 2016, the other “Secret Wars” takes up the same starting point, with the reunion of characters from the Marvel stable on Battleworld. But bigger, because they are heroes and villains from different parallel universes who end up on the planet, following a new Incursion, a term designating the collision of two worlds, already heard in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Failing to be the main antagonist, the Beyonder is still in the game. The place where the action takes place is divided into several territories taking up elements of the universes from which the characters come. Several versions of the same hero intersect there. And the events have repercussions in many publications, in addition to the one signed jonathan hickman and Esad Ribic.

Whether Kevin Feige did not give details on the story that the film scheduled for 2025 will adapt, it is a safe bet that it will be the second version, multiverse obliges. Even if a mixture of the two cannot be ruled out, and knowing that, as Civil Warthe feature film will be able to keep the original idea but take great liberties.


It’s still too early to tell, of course. Because a casting list could spoil the previous films, by showing characters that we have not yet discovered on the small or big screen, while the absence of others would be suspicious. One thinks in particular of the Guardians of the Galaxy: with a third partexpected next May, and described as the last of the cycle initiated by james gunn in 2014, deaths are to be expected. So knowing that Star-Lord will be from Secret Wars, or not, can give a big hint.

Marvel secret wars: how avengers 6 can be stronger than endgame? - cinema news
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Which members of the Guardians will still be alive to participate in “Secret Wars”?

To put it simply, right now, let’s say that all characters alive at the time of the Secret Wars plot (and at the end of The Kang Dynasty, which hits our shelves a few months earlier), have a chance of participate. Whether they are good or bad. Like Thor in the comic books, some may even be present in several copies, and the stories of multiverses and other parallel worlds can also make it possible to bring back the dead, thanks to their variants. The possibilities are therefore endless.

In comic books, we see Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), the Fantastic 4, X-Men, Namor (expected in the cinema in Black Panther 2), Doctor Strange or even a version of Thanos who seeks to rebuild his Infinity Gauntlet. Not to mention Doctor Doom, who could be one of the important villains of Phases V and VI.


There had been the circular plan around Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk in the first avengers. Then this image of the heroes and warriors of Wakanda running in front of the camera in the trailer forInfinity War (but not in the film, this passage having been created from scratch for the promotion). And the famous gathering of all the good guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, united to defeat Thanos in Endgame.

Kevin Feige’s undeclared objective is obviously to do better and stronger, and it is therefore no coincidence that he chose “Secret Wars” as the culmination of Phases IV, V and VI, now called “The Multiverse Saga”. Because this plot brings together even more heroes and villains on the same screen than in previous games, and makes the show worthy of the name. If he manages to overcome the obstacles placed in his way.

Marvel secret wars: how avengers 6 can be stronger than endgame? - cinema news
The Walt Disney Company France

Making the portal scene even bigger in “Endgame”: one of the challenges of “Secret Wars”

Beyond the number of characters to gather, it is also necessary to manage to make them exist. Which, even in a very long film, is not as easy as with an XXL story spanning several months and years. Especially since, while there are of course some hellish fights, Secret Wars, the comic book, was also praised for its introspective side, as the adventures of some were coming to an end in this crossover.

This, for example, is where the much-loved line ended Ultimate, launched in the early 2000s to give a second life to several iconic heroes such as Spider-Man or the X-Men. Or the Fantastic 4, which Marvel had then decided to cancel because of the fight between Disney and Fox for the cinematographic rights, and the decline in the sale of their stories. Considering the quartet is slated to make their MCU debut a year before Secret Wars releases, it seems unlikely they’ll be heading back anytime soon.

But the feature film may allow some to say goodbye. Like Endgame, which was liked both for its spectacular side and its way of being the culmination of a story launched in 2008, as the conclusion it offered to the narrative arcs of key MCU figures such as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. And this will perhaps be the biggest challenge of Secret Wars: to manage not to forget the humans behind the show, the costumes and the special effects.

Marvel secret wars: how avengers 6 can be stronger than endgame? - cinema news
The Walt Disney Company France

Who will be the Tony Stark of “Secret Wars”?

And especially not to have the eyes bigger than the belly. The multiverse offering an incalculable number of possibilities, the temptation must be great to want to please the fans by bringing back Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans through variations of their characters. But that would run counter to Endgame’s finale, and reduce the dramatic impact of the already sparse deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The options are therefore almost endless, and the pitfalls all the more numerous. If he wants to do at least as good as the brothers movie Russo, which had become the biggest worldwide success of all time before Avatar passed again, and to pay a true homage to the comic books from which it is inspired, Secret Wars must not sacrifice any of the human and emotional aspects on the altar great show and fan service. A story full of challenges, in front of and behind the camera, since it will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge for the Avengers… and Kevin Feige.

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