Marvel Phase 5: Daredevil, Secret Invasion… what we know about the Disney+ series…

Marvel Phase 5 Daredevil Secret Invasion what we know about

The Marvel panel unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con on July 23 has many surprises in store. A look back at the Disney+ series announcements that will make up Phase 5.

On to Phase 5! In front of an audience of fans at Comic-Con in San Diego, the producer Kevin Feige unveiled all the works that will punctuate the new era of Marvel. Among the announcements, many films, but also series! While action comedy she hulk lands on Disney+ on August 17, what other programs will be offered on the platform in the coming months? A short overview with dates and some information.

Secret Invasion

Release: spring 2023. While Phase 5 will begin with Ant-Man’s third installment, Secret Invasion will be the first series of this new chapter. Actress Cobie Smulders will play SHIELD agent Maria Hill in a “dark and daring political thriller”. She is flanked by Samuel L. Jackson, back as Nick Fury; Ben Mendelsohn reprising his alien role after Captain Marvel; Don Cheadle who should find the costume of War Machine, but also Martin Freeman.

Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke are also announced in the casting. Exclusive footage was shown at Comic-Con, but Marvel seems to want to hold fans back before revealing more.


Release date: summer 2023. In Echo, viewers will follow the adventures of Maya Lopez, the antagonist of Hawkeye, played by Alaqua Cox. Little information has been revealed about the program. A few weeks ago, the stars of Daredevil, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’onofrio were announced at the casting for an appearance. An announcement that is confirmed if we are to believe the new She-Hulk trailer in which the vigilante returns.

loki season 2

Release date: summer 2023. After the success of season 1, the sequel to Loki is currently filming. Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson will obviously reprise their roles.

iron heart

Release date: fall 2023. After making her very first appearance in the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer, actress Dominique Thorne will be the star of this new series, iron heart, in the guise of Riri Williams, a brilliant ingenuity who develops armor similar to that of Iron Man. Snowpiercer series writer Chinaka Hodge will write the episodes, while series Blindspotting Angela Barnes will direct.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos

Release date: winter 2023/2024. Flagship character of the WandaVision series, the wicked Agatha Harkness will be entitled to her own spin-off. A new title was unveiled at Comic-Con: Coven of Chaos. It thus replaces House of Harkness. The program is billed as the final series of 2023. WandaVision lead writer Jac Schaeffer is returning to write.

Daredevil: Born Again

Release date: spring 2024. After leaving Netflix, the series returns to Disney+. Neither a reboot, nor totally a sequel, Daredevil will contain a record number of episodes: 18 – against the usual 6 or 8. Murdock’s character first reappeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, while Kingpin was one of the villains in the Hawkeye series. If Netflix fiction did not hesitate to offer violent and sometimes bloody sequences, the new trajectory of the character on Disney + will be interesting to analyze. Phase 5 promises to be like the darkest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Following these announcements, it was revealed that 8 other Marvel projects will be unveiled at D23, a biannual Disney convention to be held on September 9, 10 and 11, 2022.

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