“Marvel movies will continue to flood the market, but there’s also room for…

“How many movies in streaming have marked you or changed your life?” asks M. Night Shyamalan in the columns of Le Monde. President of the Berlin Film Festival which has just ended, the filmmaker shares his impressions of the future of cinema.

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On the occasion of the Berlin Festival, of which he was president of the jury, M. Night Shyamalan gave an interview to the newspaper The world, in which he confides in the evolution of cinema while the pandemic has been raging for 2 years. The filmmakers wonder about our relationship to screens and the experience of the cinema.

I honestly don’t think anything has changed. When we get back to normal, people will appreciate going to the cinema more, like in the United States. There, when restaurants, concerts, sporting events reopened, everything was sold out. It’s up to us to tell great stories, and the public will come back, perhaps even more“, he says rather optimistic that the public will return.

“40 films a year in theaters”: Ben Affleck very gloomy on the future of cinema

This cinema crisis is the conjunction of two eventshe continues: on the one hand a pandemic, on the other the rise of streaming platforms. During those two years, online providers spent billions of dollars on content and advertising, and shouted to the world: “ Hey, now you can see what you want without commitment or buying a ticket! » At first I found it infinitely damaging.

How many films in streaming have marked you or changed your life? How many of them will you remember in ten years?

But, thinking about it, the closure of cinemas also showed us what an invaluable experience it was. There is no equivalent. On the one hand, we have this world without cinema, where everything is watched on a telephone. But how many films in streaming have marked you or changed your life? How many of them will you remember in ten years? And on the other, the one where we cherish the prospect of going out, of taking our friends, of giving all our attention and love to the images and characters we are looking at..”

In recent times, many filmmakers have spoken about the place of platforms in our daily lives, which has exploded with the pandemic. If some are worried that the number of films that will be released in theaters could be drastically reduced, like Ben Affleck (“I think cinema films will become very expensive, and will only be events“), others nuance more like M. Night Shyamalan, who has worked for platforms (the Servant series for Apple TV +) and cinema mainly, with Old, his latest feature film.

It’s an amazing moment, not as negative as one would like to believe. Over the past two years, Hollywood has shot itself in the foot by doubting the power of its infrastructure. But I keep saying that we are doing something irreplaceable. You have to make an effort not to let everything go down the drain. The current din will subside.

Everyone must be brave, including the studios

It’s a good time for storytellers [ceux qui racontent des histoires], who can improve the situation and take matters into their own hands. I want the original voices back. Objectively, Marvel movies will continue to flood the market, but there’s also room for us, for surprises like Jordan Peele’s Split or Get Out. Everyone has to be brave, including the studios.

Lately, Roland Emmerich, director of Moonfall, had spoken harshly against Marvel and the Star Wars franchise. “No one does anything original anymore” he had recently started in an interview. And to add: “Original films should be made, you know. And I actually think Christopher Nolan is the best for it. He’s someone who can make films about whatever he wants. For me, it’s a bit more complicated, but I still have a big enough name – especially for disaster movies or anything disaster-themed.” Moonfall is currently in theaters in France.

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