“Marvel is doing a great job!” Nicolas Cage defends superheroes against Coppola and…

In a long interview given to the US version of GQ magazine, Nicolas Cage defends Marvel films, tackled in 2019 by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, who since then seems to have changed his mind…at least on one film!

"marvel is doing a great job! " nicolas cage defends superheroes against coppola and...
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Better late than never to enter the dance, even if the caravan of the controversy has passed for a little while. Nicolas Cage, in promotion for his film A talent in massive gold, granted to the US version of the magazine GQ a long interviewin which he responds to critics of films from the Marvel stable and more broadly of superheroes.

Obviously in the line of sight of the ex Ghost Rider: Martin Scorsese (with whom he had shot in Open Tomb) and none other than his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola. For the record, Scorsese had lit the fuse in 2019 by equating superhero films with amusement parks.

“These films take no risks. They are made to fulfill a set of specifications and deal with a limited number of subjects. We talk about sequels but in reality, they are all remakes. This is the very nature of modern franchises: tested to the public, subject to market research, controlled and modified until they are consumed” Marty had let go.

Invited to the Lumière festival in 2019, Francis Ford Coppola had descended into the arena to defend his old friend. “Martin Scorsese’s comments have been taken out of context. But when he says that Marvel movies are more like amusement parks than movies, I have to say I agree with him. (…) I would even say that Martin Scorsese was very lenient in his remarks, because I would qualify these films as abject.

Since then, the bellows have not really come down, and the controversy continues to stick to the filmmaker like Captain Haddock’s band-aid. Last December for example, Tom Holland had given a layer by speaking in turn on the subject.

“I do not see the problem”

“Why are they doing this?” comments Nicolas Cage, a big fan of comics in front of the eternal to the point of having offered himself a few extremely rare editions worth a fortune. “I don’t agree with them on that perception or that opinion. I think the films I make […] do not conflict with the Marvel movies. I mean, I don’t think a Marvel movie has anything to do with […] a film with a budget of 30 or 50 million dollars.

Marvel does a great job of entertaining the whole family. They thought a lot. I mean, there’s literally been a huge progression since my two Ghost Rider movies. Kevin Feige, the one behind this machine, has found a masterful way to weave the stories together and connect all the characters. […] What’s wrong with providing wholesome entertainment that appeals to parents and children, that gives people something to look forward to? I do not see the problem”.

Francis loves Deadpool, Deadpool loves Francis

In a back-pedalling exercise of which Hollywood still has the secret, Francis Ford Coppola has recently come back (partially in any case…) on his remarks, in an interview granted to variety, around the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of The Godfather. At the end of the interview, he admits: “I loved Deadpool, I thought it was incredible”.

A comment that has not escaped the person who embodies the twisted and trashy superhero of the Marvel stable, Ryan Reynolds, swinging on his Twitter account a facetious “Deadpool likes Francis Ford Coppola“:

Coppola develops his reflection by taking the examples of Denis Villeneuve and Cary Joji Fukunaga, respective directors of Dune and Dying can wait: “They’re wonderful directors on a blockbuster scale. But I don’t think they’ll ever get the chance to make movies that are close to their hearts. I think they’re asked to make movies that aren’t not against the tide. We have a lot of great talent and I would give them more responsibility. They are capable of it”.

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